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Aluminium Processing Plant

Vibration Monitoring System for Cold Rolling Mills and Tension Leveler

The Challenge

Quality is certainly money in the Aluminium processing business. So, when a process was causing a critical vibration it was a major issue for one of the leading Aluminium process plant in the Middle East.

The iba system provides a state-of-the-art condition and vibration monitoring system. Since this system was installed many critical downtimes were avoided.


Correlating vibration data and machine data
by using one data acquisition system only

Easy integration
into an existing Condition Monitoring Program

critical downtimes

The Solution

Process data cannot be excluded when doing a critical evaluation fo any process plant. In this case the data recording is performed by a ibaPDA System while the process analysis is performed on collected data with the ibaAnalyzer.

The vibration monitoring however is performed on distributed edge devices. After acquiring the vibration data from accelerometers, the ibaPDA add-on ibaInSpectra is used to analyze this data. The ibaInSpectra utilizes a frequency band analysis. Consequently machine, process and product data is used to eliminate quality problems related to vibration of the system.

""The ibaInSpectra Condition Monitoring solution allows Aluminum processing operators to easily monitor its entire production motors with gears and predict their maintenance needs.""

Omer Akhtar
System Engineer,
iba Gulf



Die Geräte der ibaDAQ-Familie ermöglichen eine lokale Datenerfassung mit dem integrierten ibaPDA-­System und Datenspeicherung onboard. Mit den umfassenden Ausgabemöglich­keiten stehen relevante Daten und Informationen jederzeit dort zur Verfügung, wo sie benötigt werden.

ibaInSpectra - Überwachung von Prozessschwingungen in Echtzeit

Mit ibaInSpectra werden beliebige Schwingungen permanent überwacht und mögliche Fehlerquellen können frühzeitig erkannt werden. Da ibaInSpectra in ibaPDA integriert ist, können neben den reinen Schwingungsanalysen auch mögliche Zusammenhänge zwischen Schwingungseffekten und Prozessverhalten erkannt werden.


ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra bietet die Funktionalität von ibaInSpectra zur Schwingungsüberwachung offline in ibaAnalyzer. Analysekonfigurationen können zunächst offline in ibaAnalyzer entworfen und getestet und zur Echtzeit-Schwingungsüberwachung an ibaPDA übergeben werden.

Key features of the used components

ibaDAQ is used as stand-alone unit to acquire and record data. ibaDAQ integrates a complete ibaPDA system and an internal solid-state disk (SSD) with sufficient memory space. The central unit is the heart of the iba modular system. It is connected with 4 Analog input modules. Which connect with accelerometers to collect vibration data directly from Gear boxes and motors. All channels are sampled synchronously with a rate of up to 40 kHz.

ibaInSpectra is used to continuously monitor any vibrations in real time in order to thus detect possible sources of error early on. As ibaInSpectra is integrated ibaPDA, not only mere vibration analyses are performed, but also possible relations between vibrational effects and process behaviour is immediately detected. By means of spectrum analysis, vibrations are monitored online and set into relation to other process parameters. When vibrations become critical to machine health or product quality, the plant operator is alarmed. In addition, a feedback in the plant control is implemented to automatically adjust the corresponding parameters.

ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra is the corresponding Add-on to ibaAnalyzer. Here it’s used to perform vibration analysis on collected data. With ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra it’s possible to search in existing collected data for anomalies and early signs of problems. It can be integrated in the vibration expert’s workflow the same way as conventional analysis software of handheld vibration measurement devices.

The advantage however is the fact that in combination with the ibaPDA-ibaDAQ system it’s easy to collect process and vibration data simultaneously and continuously or specifically triggered.

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