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New product: ibaAnalyzer-Maps

April 14, 2021, 10:00 CEST

Online Webinar

In this webinar we want to introduce you to our new product ibaAnalyzer-Maps. With this licensed add-on, positional (GPS) data of e.g. ships, trains, or other assets can be visualized on various map types. With the well-known docking view concept in ibaAnalyzer, positional information can be analyzed together with other measurement values. Multiple assets can be shown together on one or distributed over several maps. An automated playback function is integrated to follow any movement dynamically. Further, all functions can be combined with the existing analyzing capabilities of ibaAnalyzer, including e.g. the design of pdf reports.

Webinar Overview

The new product ibaAnalyzer-Maps

Functions, usability, and visuals

Live Demo dynamic asset tracking


ibaAnalyzer is the standard tool for analyzing and processing measurements recorded with any iba soft- or hardware product. With our new product ibaAnalyzer-Maps we extend the functionality of ibaAnalyzer to more easily visualize and analyze positional data in form of GPS coordinates. With the integrated functions, positional data can be easily prepared to be shown on the map, including additional text-labels for e.g. status information. Dynamic route coloring and multiple assets per map are also supported.

With the integrated replay functionality, assets can be easily tracked over time and movement dynamics can be better understood. As usual, all graphical elements in ibaAnalyzer can be used in combination with the Report Generator to automatically generate informative reports.

All functions will be demonstrated live using a simple example. Finally, there will be enough time to answer you questions.

Covered topics include, …

… how to prepare and use positional data to be shown on different maps in ibaAnalyzer.

… adding text labels, use dynamic colors for routes, and create reports including maps.

… analyzing asset positions in correlation with other measurement values like e.g. consumption and fuel level.

… taking advantage of the extended functionality to enhance your existing analyses.


Dr. Andreas Quick
Head of Product Management

iba AG

Dr. Tobias Seitz
Product Manager

iba AG