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Web-based visualization for product and process analysis

November 08, 2018 | 10:00 - 10:45 h

In this 45-minutes webinar, we will show you how ibaDaVIS can provide you with a completely new overview and clarity through in-depth insight into your data and processes.

Webinar overview


through the iba system



ibaPDA and ibaDaVIS

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Systems and machines can be compared on the basis of their characteristic values. You can quickly and easily display exactly the information you need to monitor plants and machines and identify weak points and optimization potential. Changes in the process can be tracked directly or viewed over long periods of time. Long-term trends, histograms, tables or pie charts are visualization and filter elements in one.

Plant operators, process technologists or decision-makers can see the same data with ibaDaVIS, whether on a PC, mobile tablet or smartphone.

Among other things, you will learn

How ibaDaVIS can give you an overview of your process and production and how you can analyze them interactively based on characteristic values

How to calculate characteristic values easily and flexibly with ibaAnalyzer and write them automatically into databases

How easy it is to configure multiple dashboards to view your process from different angles or to compare machines or plants

About the benefits of web-based, platform-independent software and how easy it is to access dashboards anywhere in the company - even from mobile devices

How to easily find deviating process behavior (e.g. outliers) and how to quickly localize the causes by drilling down on the raw data



Dr. Andreas Quick
Head of Product Management, iba AG


Thomas George
Product Manager, iba AG