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Optimum repair time determined by condition monitoring from iba and HAINZL

The Condition Monitoring System (CMS) installed by iba AG detected wear damage to a particularly critical part of the hot-rolling mill at Salzgitter...

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Discontinuation ibaMS8xICP and ibaPADU-8-ICP

The ICP module from the iba modular system for the acquisition of vibration sensors will be discontinued on 31-Mar-2020.

Digitalisierungsprojekte in der Anlagentechnik

Durch die Konvergenz von Automatisierungstechnik und IT-Technologien wird sich das industrielle Umfeld
verändern und dadurch in vielen...

ibaInSpectra Auto-Adapting module

ibaInSpectra Auto-Adapting module

The self-learning InSpectra module offers optimal protection for systems through automatic monitoring in real time using learned reference values.

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Discontinuation iba-PCs with Win 7

Since Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, iba PCs with Windows 7 will be discontinued as of 30-Jun-2020.

Discontinuation of ibaPDA-V6

Discontinuation of ibaPDA-V6

Since May 20th, 2019, ibaPDA-V7 is available as a successor version of ibaPDA-V6 with many new features, replacing ibaPDA-V6 completely and...

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Discontinuation ibaDAQ-S

For the central unit ibaDAQ-S of the iba modular system a fully compatible successor, the central unit ibaDAQ, was introduced on May 1, 2018.

Discontinuation ibaDatManager

Discontinuation ibaDatManager

With our product ibaDaVIS, a modern web-based application for process and product analysis is now available

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ibaAnalyzer v7

The new product version ibaAnalyzer v7 supports the new dat-file format generated by ibaPDA v7 and must be used to read these measurement files....

New major release ibaPDA v7

There is a new version of ibaPDA! After ibaPDA v6 has been available on the market for more than 14 years, ibaPDA v7 is now the successor with some...

Publish data from Brown Field Plants flexibly into MindSphere

With the new ibaPDA MindSphere interface, data can be published flexibly and easily into the Siemens MindSphere - even from Brown Field plants and...

Orbit function in the iba system

iba AG now also offers a function for the monitoring and analysis of shaft motions.

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Price adjustments for hardware products

Due to higher prices for electronic components, we have decided to adjust our prices for almost all available hardware products on a moderate level as...

OPC DA errors fixed

OPC DA errors due to Microsoft patches are fixed

Microsoft has released new security updates which solve the problem related to the function CoInitializeSecurity. This function is required for OPC DA...

OPC DA errors caused by Microsoft patches

OPC DA errors due to Microsoft patches

As a reaction to the processor bugs known as ‘Meltdown’ & ‘Spectre’ Microsoft has released several security updates (KB40568xx) for Windows.

Subscribe to product information

Subscribe to our product information

By frequent demand we decided to inform you about product information regularly by e-mail in addition to our newsletter.

EoL for interface cards in PCI standard technology

End-of-Life for interface cards in PCI standard technology

With cancellation letter dated 30.09.2015 we had already informed that the need for components in PCI standard technology (computer with PCI standard...

Easy license exchange

A free-of-cost license exchange to ibaCapture-V4 and ibaHD-Server-V2 now

Participation on the advantages of the new products by an easy license exchange.

ibaPQU-S certified

ibaPQU-S: Certified according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A

Calculate characteristic values according to standard - ibaPQU-S is a modular system for monitoring grid quality and realizes all necessary measuring...

ibaHD-Server-V2 available

ibaHD-Server-V2 available

Free upgrade from V1 possible - With ibaHD-Server, measurement data can be stored continuously in high resolution. This product is now available as V2...

PCI standard technology discontinuation

Discontinuation and price adaptation for products in PCI-standard technology

With the concentration of the mainboard and PC manufacturers on PCI Express slot technologies it becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable...

New PADU device generation

New PADU device generation replaces the predecessor devices ibaPADU-8 and ibaPADU-8-I

Our successful DIN rail mount generation PADU series (ibaPADU-8 / ibaPADU-8-I) has been innovated and functionally enhanced.