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Discontinuation ibaDatManager

Discontinuation ibaDatManager

With our product ibaDaVIS, a modern web-based application for process and product analysis is now available

OPC DA errors fixed

OPC DA errors due to Microsoft patches are fixed

Microsoft has released new security updates which solve the problem related to the function CoInitializeSecurity. This function is required for OPC DA...

OPC DA errors caused by Microsoft patches

OPC DA errors due to Microsoft patches

As a reaction to the processor bugs known as ‘Meltdown’ & ‘Spectre’ Microsoft has released several security updates (KB40568xx) for Windows.

iba software products require update

Update requirement due to Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.1 release

On October 17, 2017 Microsoft has released .NET framework 4.7.1.

EoL ibaPADU-16, ibaPADU-32, ibaPADU-32-R

Discontinuation of the devices ibaPADU-16, ibaPADU-32, ibaPADU-32-R by end of 2017

Please be informed that by end of 2017, the devices ibaPADU-16, ibaPADU-32 und ibaPADU-32-R are running out of stock.

EoL ibaCapture-V3

Support for installed ibaCapture-V3 applications ends

With the new version 4 of ibaCapture, a fully compatible version is available to the previous version V3. Therefore the support for all installed...

EoL ibaHD-Server V1

Support for installed ibaHD-Server V1 applications ends

With the new version 2 of ibaHD-Server, a completely compatible version is available to the previous version V1. Therefore the support for all...

Easy license exchange

A free-of-cost license exchange to ibaCapture-V4 and ibaHD-Server-V2 now

Participation on the advantages of the new products by an easy license exchange.

PCI standard technology discontinuation

Discontinuation and price adaptation for products in PCI-standard technology

With the concentration of the mainboard and PC manufacturers on PCI Express slot technologies it becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable...