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November 24-26, 2020

iba AG at SPS smart production solutions in Nuermberg

Visit iba AG at SPS smart production solutions in Nuermberg, November 24-26, 2020. iba AG will present new solutions for measuring technology and Industry 4.0.


Hall 6, booth 230

Getting there

Getting to SPS smart production solutions



Process Optimization

To optimize your process, the process behavior must be transparent. With ibaCapture and ibaPDA, you can capture video and measurement data synchronously - a proven method for detecting bottlenecks in your process. Because: A picture says more than 1000 values!


PLC Analysis

Failures in automated systems lead to production failures or poor quality products. With ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer, you can record the dynamic behavior of your controllers and find the causes of process errors.


Web-based Visualization of Cloud Data

The behavior of plants and machines can be recorded and documented on the basis of characteristic values. If these data are available in the cloud or databases, they can be visualized using the platform-independent and browser-based application ibaDaVIS. Using ibaDaVIS, long-term trends can be displayed by querying the data under various technological conditions.


Condition Monitoring

Vibration analysis can be performed with ibaInSpectra and ibaPDA in one system. Based on spectral analyzes, oscillations can be monitored online and correlated with other process parameters. As a result, mechanical components are optimally utilized over their life-cycle and the costs for unplanned shut downs and spare parts are reduced.


Power Quality

Nowadays the acquisition and monitoring of electrical energy quality (EEQ) is necessary in order to document the supply reliability and grid quality. With ibaPQU-S you are able to continuously monitor and calculate the network quality according to IEC 61000-4-30, Ed. 3, Class A in order to document compliance with the EN 50160 standard in a legally binding manner.