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Automated Generation of Reports

In ibaAnalyzer the user has with the Reportgenerator a powerful tool at his disposal, that permits to generate individual reports flexibly. The Reportgenerator offers efficient options for creating templates and gives the right form to the analysis results.

ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator at a glance

Automated generation of reports - ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator

  • Generates customized quality documentation automatically
  • Batch, shift, weekly or monthly reports
  • Failure reports with notification
  • Issued as printout or file export in different formats
  • Display of the measurement values as signal graph, diagram or table

Application Examples

Thickness deviations on the production line

Thickness deviations of the strip as length based signal graph

Strip number as bar code and numerical display

Calculated values like minimum, maximum and average value of the thickness deviations, length of the different strip qualities.

Failure report

Automatically generated failure report in case of strip breakage

Representation of further time-correlated signal trends provide information about the cause of the failure

Product related report with display of exceeded limits

Tables show characteristic values from text channels or values calculated in ibaAnalyzer

Marking of limit values with colored lines show deviations in the signal trend

Statistical distribution of the thickness deviation as bar chart and table

Tabular list of characteristic values per 100 meter segment (minimum, maximum, average value and standard deviation)

Table length dynamically adapts to strip length

Values outside the tolerance limit are highlighted in colors

Product Features

Creating reports individually

Different divisions like production, quality management or controlling have different demands on reports. With ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator, reports can be created product or shift-related or across products over a long period of time.

Reports at the push of a button

Once, the creation has been configured, the reports can be virtually generated at the push of a button. The reports can be printed directly or issued as files in many different file formats, e.g. pdf, rtf, xml, html, jpg, tiff etc.

Flexible layout

The enormous flexibility of ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator becomes apparent when looking at the various elements and layout options.

This Software is one of many useful Add-ons of ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer is characterized by its broad capability for analyzing and evaluating data. The application is intuitive and offers an advanced set of functions. The license for analyzing measurement files, which have been generated with the iba system, is free of charge.

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Add-ons for ibaAnalyzer

The ibaAnalyzer can be modularly extended by a number of useful add-ons with additional functions

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Detailed offline Vibration Analysis

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Order no.NameDescription
33.010.000ibaAnalyzer-V7Offline analysis package for iba measurement files
33.010.001ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB*Offline analysis and data generation for SQL or ODBC databases
33.010.004ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB-Multiuser*Multiuser license for 5 users
33.010.002ibaAnalyzer-V7-File-Extract*Offline data extraction from an original dat file into a new file (new format)
33.010.410ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra*Offline vibration analysis (add-on for ibaAnalyzer)
33.010.445ibaAnalyzer-E-Dat*Offline analysis for external data formats
34.000.100ibaLicenseService-V2if more than one license is used per dongle (free of charge)

* Licensing of products marked with an asterisk (*) can be done by a local dongle; or by ibaLicenseService-V2 if more than one license is used or several users need the licenses.