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Signal processing and automation

ibaLogic is a system for signal processing and automation. The fifth generation of the ibaLogic system, which already functions reliably in many industrial applications, has been programmed in a new way and provided with an up-to-date interface.


ibaLogic at a glance

PC-based system for signal processing, controlling and simulation

Graphical programming according to IEC 61131-3

Client-/Server principle

PAC architecture

Different runtime platforms

Easy program creation and intuitive operation

User-specific function blocks and data types

Based on the architecture of a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) ibaLogic uses both powerful PCs and special runtime environments such as ibaPADU-S-IT to solve the problems of a classical PLC.

ibaLogic is mainly used in measurement and control technology for fast and dynamic processes. Short program cycle times of 1 ms and deterministic runtime enable this.

Thanks to easy handling, seamless integration of iba-products for measurement technology and an outstanding price/performance ratio many applications areas are available.



ibaLogic v5.3.0  
English | .pdf | 14 MB
ibaLogic ODBC_ACCESS Function Block v1.0  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaLogic-V3 v4.3  
English | .pdf | 5 MB
ibaLogic-V4 v4.2.4  
English | .pdf | 12 MB

Latest software

ibaLogic v5.5.4  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 446 MB
ibaLogic Upgrade v5.5.4  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 98 MB
ibaLogicLite v5.5.4  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 438 MB
ibaLogicLite Upgrade v5.5.4  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 89 MB

Product information brochure

English | .pdf | 1,009 KB

Free starter version ibaLogic-V5-Lite

(incl. Ethernet driver for AVR-NET-IO-Board)

Try the license-free version ibaLogic-V5-Lite to implement simple automation solutions.

To download the license-free starter version ibaLogic-V5-Lite please register free of charge.

iba Training

Grow your skill set as you learn from iba experts in a small-group environment. Our trainings will help you master ibaLogic in a short period of time.

Upcoming trainings in Fuerth
23.09.2020 - 24.09.2020

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ibaLogic in comparison

ibaLogic (in comparison)

ibaLogic Lite


Embedded ibaPADU-S-IT*

Unlimited number of IOs

Cycle time

≥ 50 ms

≥ 1 ms

≥ 1 ms

ibaPDA Interface***

Supported Hardware





Playback of measurement files


4 connections

Data storage in DatFileFormat DFW (signals)




Alternatively OPC DA Server or OPC UA Server




Other interfaces (DLL / RFM / SST / Profibus / ... )


Interfaces on request**


* included in hardware price,   ** upgrade subject to costs,   *** ibaPDA requires separate interface licence (if not on same PC)

ibaLogic is the embedded system of ibaPADU-S-IT



Modular data acquisition and control system

Graphical programming by the user (IEC61131)

Stand-alone system with ibaLogic onboard

Optional acquisition of raw data and values calculated with ibaPDA

Control system, Soft PLC

Time-synchronization possible (NTP, DCF77)

Data are stored on the device (110 GB SSD)

Success Stories

Analyze and control experiments automatically

Analyze and control experiments automatically

Laboratory automation with ibaLogic.



As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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ibaAnalyzer is characterized by its broad capability for analyzing and evaluating data. The application is intuitive and offers an advanced set of functions. The license for analyzing measurement files, which have been generated with the iba system, is free of charge.

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Order Information

Please contact your local sales partner

Order no. Name Description
32.500001 ibaLogic-V5 Graphical online signal calculation and processing
32.500002 ibaLogic-V5-Lite Graphical online signal calculation and processing - dongle free
32.500005 ibaLogic-V5 Timing Diagnostics Extended Diagnostics
32.500009 ibaLogic-V5 upgrade with 64-DatFileWrite License with 64 signals per runtime system
32.500010 ibaLogic-V5 upgrade 64 to 256-DatFileWrite License extension to 256 signals per runtime system
32.500011 ibaLogic-V5 upgrade 256 to 1024-DatFileWrite License extension to 1024 signals per runtime system
32.500020 ibaLogic-V5-Interface-RFM-Access Interface for data exchange via Reflective Memory
32.500021 ibaLogic-V5-Interface-Profibus-DP-Master Inferface for Profibus DP Master
32.500030 ibaLogic-V5-DB ACCESS License for ibaLogic-V5 Function Block for DB Access
32.500035 ibaLogic-V5-SDK-DLL-SDK OEM agreement required, incl. 3 days training at iba or via Teamviewer
32.500036 ibaLogic-V5-DLL-Runtime DLL runtime license