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The scalable core software in measuring value acquisition

As central part of the iba system, ibaPDA has been proving itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for years. Client-server architecture, flexible recording, simple configuration owing to auto-detect are just some of the convincing features.


ibaPDA at a glance

Data acquisition system for maintenance, production and quality control

Connection of automation systems of different manufacturers and generations

Individually configurable online display with client-server architecture

Several simultaneous acquisitions possible

Central configuration dialog with integrated online diagnostics




Technical features
Architecture Client/server
Number of Clients Default 2, expandable according to needs with single or multi-user licenses
Number of Signals Licenses signal-based; grades: 64, 256, 1024, 2048 and unlimited. Figures refer to the sum of analog and digital signals, free arrangement;
Special license ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer with 64 signals
Software Windows Vista (32 Bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 Bit), Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit), Windows 8 (32/64 Bit), Windows Server 2012 (64 Bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit), Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 Bit), Windows 10 (32/64 Bit) .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher required
Hardware Computer with Multicore CPU 2 GHz, 2048 MB RAM; we recommend using ibaRackline or ibaDeskline industrial computers
I/O Manager Central configuration of all devices (modules), signals, signal groups, Technostrings and alarms User support due to dynamic selection menus for configuring modules
Auto-detect Automatic detection and display of connected hardware (plug & play)
Online Diagnostics Module and device state, signal list
Signal Groups Any signals of different data sources can be grouped to provide a better overview. Number of groups unlimited.
Technostring Unlimited number of Technostrings configurable; any number of information units definable for each Technostring; up to 10,000 characters per Technostring; Interfaces: COM, TCP/IP, OPC DA, OPC UA, Reflective Memory, text file, Ethernet/IP, S7-Xplorer, TwinCAT-Xplorer, B&R-Xplorer
Virtual Signals/
Expression Editor
By means of an expression editor, virtual signals can be created, evaluated and connected
Virtual signals may be displayed, recorded and combined with real signals Creation of complex trigger signals; online evaluation (e.g. sums, differences)
Alarm and Signal Outputs Digital and analog output signals can be configured (expression editor),
output cycle: 50 ms; output via ibaFOB card, Profibus-DP or Reflective memory, OPC DA, OPC UA, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP Generic, S7-Xplorer
Module Structure (device or data interface) Number of signals per module dependent on the module type Number and shares of analog and digital signals can be freely configured in the case of several modules
Sample Time Basic sample time: 1 ms to 1000 ms, fast measurement with appropriate hardware down to 10μs;
output time for alarm outputs: 50 ms (server cycle); for each module, an individual sample time can be additionally set (multiple of basic sample time)
Data Storage 2 independent data storages included in the basic package, further data storages require extra license. Each data storage can run in overlapping mode with 2 or more files. Change of data storage configuration does not force restart of data acquisition.
Storage Profiles Any number of storage profiles which can be used by all data storages
Signal Compression Signal recording with multiples of sample time;
Optional: recording of actual, average, min or max value
Trigger For each recording: 1 start and 1 stop trigger (or trigger group) to start or stop the recording. Optional: pre-trigger and post-trigger time can be configured.
Signal Presentation
Signal Displays Unlimited number as dockable windows side by side or one behind the other
Number of Curves Unlimited for each window and graph
Special Views Oscilloscpe, FFT display, digitalmeter, QPanel, camera view
Scaling Separated or common Y-axes, manual or automatic scaling
Feed For each display, individual time base or feeding speed and direction; feed may be stopped and restarted any time without affecting the data acquisition or recording; zooming is possible with stagnant feed
Layout Configuration Unlimited number of layouts can be configured and stored Switching between different layouts during operation is possible
Recorder Status and Technostring Display of all defined recordings with their status, path and file name
Technostring: display of status and contents
Event Log Logging of all events relevant to the system

Systematic Transparency

The ibaPDA system (Process Data Acquisition System) is the core product of iba applications. ibaPDA is an extremely powerful, PC-based acquisition and recording system for different measured data in automated technical processes.

The modular product concept allows highly flexible configuration options and provides perfectly tailored solutions for varying needs

Continuous long-term acquisition

of measured values to be able to further optimize automation processes

Specific search for errors

Use as disturbance recorder

with triggered recording in case of failure

Eik Spietz
Application & Consulting, iba AG

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Client-Server Architecture

The client-server architecture of ibaPDA allows the distribution of configuration, data acquisition, recording and online display to different services.

Broad Connectivity

A special feature of the ibaPDA system is the broad connectivity allowing to acquire data from programmable controllers of all common manufacturers.

Signals Galore

ibaPDA is available in several variants with regard to the number of signals. Licenses are available for 64, 256, 1024 and 2048 signals and an unlimited number of signals.

Scalable Sampling Timebase

For usual acquisition of measured data, the timebase may be set between 1 and 1000 ms. For higher speeds regarding signal changes, special modules can realize shorter acquisition times of down to 10 µs.

Simple Configuration with Auto-Detect

All settings relevant to signals and modules are made in a central dialog, that is the I/O Manager. It provides clear and concise presentation of all necessary setup information.

Integrated Online-Diagnostics

Integrated diagnostics in the I/O Manager provide status information and values for all connected data sources enabling the user to easily check the functioning of the system already during the configuration and localize error sources, if necessary.

Versatile Technostring Function

In many cases, additional information on the pure measured values facilitates the subsequent assignment and analysis. By means of the so called Technostrings, this information can be transmitted to the ibaPDA system as ASCII string.

Virtual Signals and Expression Editor

By means of arithmetical and logical connections, arbitrary "virtual signals" can be created in an expression editor. These virtual signals can be recorded just like measuring signals and can for instance be used to easily create trigger conditions.

Generation of Alarms

While monitoring the process, it is important, to immediately detect errors or deviations. Already during data acquisition, the signals can be checked for certain conditions, e.g. comparison with limit values, thus generating warnings and alarms.

Flexible Recording

The measurement and monitoring requirements of different systems are as manifold as the recording options of ibaPDA. Several data storages with specific parameters can be configured in a system.

Comfortable Display and Operation

The display can be configured for each user individually using buttons and drag & drop. Any number of signal displays with any number of signals can be created in separate or common signal graphs.

Signal Groups

When thousands of signals are to be recorded in large systems, there is the risk of losing track. For better overview, signals from different sources, but related by area of operation, can be combined into any number of signal groups.

Integration in SNMP monitoring

ibaPDA can be integrated in a company-wide network management system according to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). ibaPDA serves as SNMP server and supports the SNMP protocols V1, V2c and V3.

Synchronization of Several ibaPDA Systems

With the additional license ibaPDA-Multistation, several ibaPDA systems can be synchronized via fiber optic cable. Synchronous data acquisition is sample-accurate with an acquisition time of down to 10 µs with a possible distance between the ibaPDA systems of up to 2 km.

Extensions for ibaPDA

The ibaPDA system can be modularly extended by a number of useful add-ons with additional functions



ibaHD-Server empowers users with the ability to perform long-term analytics while rapidly visualizing trends and events from months to milliseconds. Easily archive large time-synchronized data sets, even from multiple ibaPDA systems. Querying events provides immediate access to failure-mode and root-cause discovery.

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Continuous processing lines need length-based quality data for product qualification. The quality data recording system ibaQDR acquires data time-based at different measuring locations and assigns the measurement values precisely to the length position of the product.

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ibaQPanel is a software addon that allows for the live display of process and quality data in an HMI-picture. ibaQPanel combines the functionality of technological representations of measurement variables with elements typical for HMI screens. It is seamlessly integrated in ibaPDA.

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ibaInSpectra - Real-time Condition Monitoring of process vibrations

With ibaInSpectra, vibrations are monitored continuously and possible error sources can be detected in an early stage. As ibaInSpectra is integrated in ibaPDA, not only can pure vibration analyses can be done, but possible relations between vibrational effects and process behavior can also be determined.

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ibaPDA (Part 1 to 6) Complete Manual v1.0  
English | .pdf | 14 MB
ibaPDA (Part 1/7) Introduction and Installation v6.38  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaPDA (Part 2/7) I/O-Manager v6.37  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA (Part 3/7) Data interfaces and modules v6.37  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA (Part 4/7) Expression Editor v6.37  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaPDA (Part 5/7) Data storage v6.37  
English | .pdf | 895 KB
ibaPDA (Part 6/7) Data visualization v6.38  
English | .pdf | 4 MB
ibaPDA (Part 7/7) Appendix v6.37  
English | .pdf | 430 KB
ibaPDA Postprocessing v1.5  
English | .pdf | 729 KB
ibaPDA Watchdog v1.1  
English | .pdf | 852 KB
ibaPDA-Interface-Codesys-Xplorer v1.1  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-EtherNet/IP v2.2  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-Logix-Xplorer v1.2  
English | .pdf | 1 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-OPC-UA-Client v2.1  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-S7-Xplorer v1.6  
English | .pdf | 5 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-SIMOTION-Xplorer Interface v1.1  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA-Interface-SINAMICS-Xplorer v1.1  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA-Multistation v1.0  
English | .pdf | 764 KB
ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+ v1.1  
English | .pdf | 2 MB
ibaPDA-Plugin v1.4  
English | .pdf | 1 MB
ibaPDA-Request-HiPAC v1.0  
English | .pdf | 3 MB
ibaPDA-Request-S7-UDP v1.3  
English | .pdf | 5 MB
ibaPDA-SNMP-Server+ v1.1  
English | .pdf | 2 MB

Latest software

ibaPDA Language Pack v6.39.8  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 5 MB
ibaPDA Software v6.39.15  
German | English | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 130 MB

Product information brochure

English | .pdf | 744 KB

iba Training

Grow your skill set as you learn from iba experts in a small-group environment. Our trainings will help you master ibaPDA in a short period of time.

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Order Information

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Order no. Name Description
30.600640 ibaPDA-V6-64 Basic package with server/client application, for 64 measuring signals
30.602560 ibaPDA-V6-256 Basic package with server/client application, for 256 measuring signals
30.610240 ibaPDA-V6-1024 Basic package with server/client application, for 1024 measuring signals
30.620480 ibaPDA-V6-2048 Basic package with server/client application, for 2048 measuring signals
30.666660 ibaPDA-V6-unlimited Basic package with server/client application, for unlimited measuring signals
30.001930 ibaPDA Multistation License License extension Multistation application
30.670011 ibaPDA-V6-Single Client Extension with one more client
30.670015 ibaPDA-V6-Multi Client Extension with five more clients
30.001912 Upgrade-PDA-V6-64 to PDA-V6-256 License extension 64 signals to 256 signals
30.001914 Upgrade-PDA-V6-256 to PDA-V6-1024 License extension 256 signals to 1024 signals
30.001915 Upgrade-PDA-V6-1024 to PDA-V6-2048 License extension 1024 signals to 2048 signals
30.001916 Upgrade-PDA-V6-2048 to PDA-V6-unlimited License extension more than 2048 signals
30.670001 ibaPDA-V6-Data-Store Add-on license for writing two more measurement files (*.dat)
30.670005 ibaPDA-V6-Ultra-Data-Store Add-on license for additional data-storage, 255 measurement files (*.dat) with 20 signals each. Number of files will be reduced, with more signals.
Order no. Name Description
31.000001 ibaPDA-Interface-S7-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Simatic S7-200/300/400/1200/1500/WinAC/Logo!
31.000002 ibaPDA-Interface-Codesys-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Codesys-based systems (V2 and V3)
31.000003 ibaPDA-Interface-AB-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Allen-Bradley PLC5 and SLC500
31.000004 ibaPDA-Interface-Sigmatek-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Sigmatek systems
31.000005 ibaPDA-Interface-TwinCAT-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Beckhoff systems
31.000006 ibaPDA-Interface-B&R-Xplorer Xplorer interface for B&R systems
31.000007 ibaPDA-Interface-Logix-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Allen-Bradley Logix systems
31.100008 ibaPDA-Interface-MELSEC-Xplorer Xplorer interface for Mitsubishi MELSEC systems
31.000030 ibaPDA-Interface-SINAMICS-Xplorer Xplorer interface for SINAMICS drives
31.000031 ibaPDA-Interface-SIMOTION-Xplorer Xplorer interface for SIMOTION systems
31.001044 ibaPDA-Interface-Drive-Xplorer Xplorer interfaces for drives (SIMOTION, SINAMICS)
31.001111 ibaPDA-Interface-OPC-UA-Client OPC UA communication interface, OPC UA Client
31.001005 ibaPDA-Interface-EtherNet/IP EtherNet/IP communication interface
31.001010 ibaPDA-Interface-HPCI-DGM200P HPCI-DGM200P communication interface
31.001011 ibaPDA-Interface-LANDSCAN LANDSCAN communication interface (infrared line scanner)
31.001012 ibaPDA-Interface-LMI-Gocator LMI Gocator communication interface (laser profile sensor)
31.001013 ibaPDA-Interface-Raytek Raytek communication interface (infrared line scanner)
31.001020 ibaPDA-Interface-Modbus-TCP-Server Modbus TCP/IP communication interface; Modbus Server
31.001021 ibaPDA-Interface-Modbus-Serial PDA Modbus over SerialLine communication interface
31.001022 ibaPDA-Interface-Modbus-TCP-Client Modbus TCP/IP communication interface; Modbus Client
31.001026 ibaPDA-Interface-AN-X-DCSNet AN-X Automax communication interface
31.001030 ibaPDA-Interface-RAW-Ethernet Raw-Ethernet communication interface
31.001040 ibaPDA-Interface-S7-TCP/UDP S7-TCP/UDP communication interface
31.001042 ibaPDA-Interface-PLC-Xplorer PLC-Xplorer communication interfaces (S7, Codesys, Allen Bradley, B&R, Beckhoff, Sigmatek, Logix, Mitsubishi MELSEC)
31.001045 ibaPDA-Interface-SCRAM-Net SCRAM-Net communication interface
31.001046 ibaPDA-Interface-Toshiba-ADMAP JAMI1 Toshiba ADMAP communication interface
31.001047 ibaPDA-Interface-TC-net Communication interface for Toshiba TC-net network
31.001055 ibaPDA-Interface-Sisteam-TCPIP Sisteam TCP/IP communication interface
31.001056 ibaPDA-Interface-TDC-TCP/UDP Simatic TDC TCP/UDP communication interface
31.001065 ibaPDA-Interface-VIP-TCP/UDP ABB VIP-Protokoll TCP/UDP communication interface
31.001070 ibaPDA-Interface-EGD Ethernet Global Data Memory communication interface
31.001075 ibaPDA-Interface-Generic-UDP Generic-UDP/IP protocol communication interface
31.001076 ibaPDA-Interface-Generic-TCP Generic-TCP/IP protocol communication interface
31.001080 ibaPDA-Interface-GCOM GCOM für ABB Stressometer communication interface
31.001090 ibaPDA-Interface-IEC61850-Client communication protocol for IEC61850-Client
31.001220 ibaPDA-Reflective-Memory Reflective Memory Access communication interface
31.001350 ibaPDA-Interface-Profinet-CP Profinet CP interface to CP1616
Order no.NameDescription
31.001300ibaPDA-Request-HPCIHPCI system, HPCI symbolic request channels
31.001302ibaPDA-Request-HiPACSymbolic request channels for Danieli HiPAC PLC
31.001303ibaPDA-Request-TwinCATTwinCAT symbolic request via UDP or ibaBM-eCAT
31.001310ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PNSimatic S7 system, S7 symbolic request via ibaBM-DP/PN
31.001311ibaPDA-Request-S7-UDPSimatic S7 system, S7 symbolic request of internal variables, access via UDP protocol
31.001320ibaPDA-Request-SDSimadyn-D system, Simadyn-D symbolic request channels
31.001330ibaPDA-Request-TDCTDC System, Simatic TDC request via FO connection
31.001340ibaPDA-Request-X-PactX-Pact system, X-Pact interface to PROBAS system
31.001360ibaPDA-Request-FM458/TDCFM458/TDC System, FM458/TDC request via Profibus
Order no.NameDescription
30.670050 ibaPDA-SNMP-Server+ Advanced SNMP Server function
30.670051ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+ Advanced OPC UA Server function
30.670141ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-64Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 64 signals
30.670142ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-256Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 256 signals
30.670143ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-1024Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 1024 signals
30.670151upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-64 to 256Signal extension 64 signals to 256 signals
30.670152upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-256 to 1024Signal extension 256 signals to 1024 signals
30.670160ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-16 Writing into an Apache Kafka cluster; 16 signals
30.670161ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-64 Writing into an Apache Kafka cluster; 64 signals
30.670162ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-256 Writing into an Apache Kafka cluster; 256 signals
30.670163ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-1024Writing into an Apache Kafka cluster; 1024 signals
30.670171upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-16 to 64Signal extension 16 signals to 64 signals
30.670172upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-64 to 256Signal extension 64 signals to 256 signals
30.670173upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-256 to 1024Signal extension 256 signals to 1024 signals
30.670180ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-16Writing into MindSphere Cloud; 16 signals
30.670181ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-64Writing into MindSphere Cloud; 64 signals
30.670182ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-256Writing into MindSphere Cloud; 256 signals
30.670183ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-1024Writing into MindSphere Cloud; 1024 signals
30.670191upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-16 to 64Signal extension 16 signals to 64 signals
30.670192upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-64 to 256Signal extension 64 signals to 256 signals
30.670193upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-256 to 1024Signal extension 256 signals to 1024 signals
30.671000ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-16 Data Streaming via MQTT; 16 signals
30.671001ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-64Data Streaming via MQTT; 64 signals
30.671002ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-256 Data Streaming via MQTT; 256 signals
30.671003ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-1024 Data Streaming via MQTT; 1024 signals
30.671010upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-16 to 64Signal extension 16 signals to 64 signals
30.671011upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-64 to 256Signal extension 64 signals to 256 signals
30.671012upgrade-ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-256 to 1024Signal extension 256 signals to 1024 signals