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Powerful analysis of vibration and noise signals

ibaRotate is the software solution for analyzing time domain measurements with significant cyclical pattern, such as vibration and acoustic noise. ibaRotate works with iba measuring files and other file types.


ibaRotate at a glance

Unique methods for offline analysis of noise and vibration from time waveform and speed signals

High-resolution frequency- and order-based spectral analysis

Advanced machinery diagnosis for troubleshooting, product development and predictive maintenance

Various solutions for identifying effects in machinery with rotating or reciprocating parts

Full suite of fast, meaningful and efficient analysis and plotting tools to use in reports and presentation



ibaRotate v1.0  
English | German | .pdf | 5 MB

Latest software

ibaRotate Software v3.0.1  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 18 MB

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How do you analyse vibration?

Success Stories


Optimization of a condition monitoring system

A Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is supposed to monitor the wear of two motors. The CMS calculates characteristic values at regular intervals...

detecting critical vibrations in rolling mills

Detecting critical vibrations in rolling mills

In rolling mills, many vibrations may occur that have negative effects on the life cycle and the state of the plant, but also on product quality.

Acoustical monitoring in the engine testing technology

Acoustical monitoring in the engine testing technology

Test benches at an automobile engine plant had to be retrofitted by the test bench manufacturer to include acoustics analysis.

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Condition Monitoring Center ibaCMC

The Condition Monitoring Center ibaCMC is a high-end web-based desktop application for trending, alarming and reporting tasks. The only piece of software needed on the client side is a web browser.

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Condition Monitoring Unit ibaCMU-S

With the modular hardware concept, the Condition Monitoring solution can be adapted optimally to different requirements. A web-based operating concept allows for simple and user-friendly configuration and visualization.

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ibaInSpectra - Real-time Condition Monitoring of process vibrations

With ibaInSpectra, vibrations are monitored continuously and possible error sources can be detected in an early stage. As ibaInSpectra is integrated in ibaPDA, not only can pure vibration analyses can be done, but possible relations between vibrational effects and process behavior can also be determined.

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