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Detailed offline vibration analysis

ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra can now be added to utilize the powerful ibaInSpectra library offline. Analysis configurations can first be designed and tested offline within ibaAnalyzer and transfer to ibaPDA for real-time vibration monitoring.


ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra at a glance

Configure ibaInSpectra profile offline without interfering ibaPDA data collection

Fine-tune your vibration and orbit monitoring configuration offline

Validate alarm threshold definitions

Correlate process and machine behavior

Perform narrow-band analysis using the expert module

Analyze shaft motion using the orbit module



ibaInSpectra v1.0  
English | .pdf | 1 MB

Latest software

ibaAnalyzer Software v7.0.3  
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ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra is one of many useful add-ons of ibaAnalyzer



ibaAnalyzer is characterized by its broad capability for analyzing and evaluating data. The application is intuitive and offers an advanced set of functions. The license for analyzing measurement files, which have been generated with the iba system, is free of charge.

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Extensions for ibaAnalyzer



In ibaAnalyzer the user has with the Reportgenerator a powerful tool at his disposal, that permits to generate individual reports flexibly. The Reportgenerator offers efficient options for creating templates and gives the right form to the analysis result.

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ibaDatCoordinator is a powerful tool for automatically processing and managing measurement files. Some typical uses include automatic extraction of product-related characteristic values into databases, as well as event-triggered report creation. In synergy with ibaAnalyzer, many procedures can be fully automated to mitigate employees of routine tasks.

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