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Acoustical monitoring in the engine testing technology

Acoustics testing with ibaInSpectra

Business benefits



long-term tests


Easy integration

into existing test bench automation


Convenient solution

for acquiring, displaying, and analyzing time and frequency domain data

The Project

Test benches at an automobile engine plant had to be retrofitted by the test bench manufacturer to include acoustics analysis. Before including an iba system, long-term tests (> 300 h.) had to be interrupted at night, as employees only work for two shifts.

To optimize testing efficiency, the test bench manufacturer decided to implement a reliable monitoring system that automatically shuts down the test bench when vibration and noise level exceed pre-defined thresholds. In the end, the manufacturer decided on the iba system because it can be configured easily and flexibly.

The Technology

Our ibaPDA (Process Data Acquisition) system can communicate with almost all automation platforms for data collection. At the same time, ibaPADU (Parallel AnalogDigital Unit) can be used to acquire fast analog and digital signals via high-quality analog-digital converters. Due to our broad connectivity and with an acquisition rate of up to 100 kHz, ibaPDA can analyze and hence optimize the behavior of complex and fast processes. With the ibaInSpectra software add-on, iba offers a convenient solution for real-time analysis and visualization of spectral components in machines.

Data recorded on the test bench are made available to experts for time domain and frequency domain analysis using ibaAnalyzer.

The iba system allows for a defined and reproducible measurement procedure that is nevertheless individually adapted to different circumstances and can be extended for further demands.

"No matter what combination of different signals is required. Our system gets along with almost any kind of automation platform and acquires analog and digital signals up to 100kHz."

G√ľnter Spreitzhofer
Application & Consulting, iba AG

iba Products


iba Modular System

The iba modular system acquires and processes measurement signals and is with the appropriate signal output modules perfectly suited for control applications. The decisive advantage of the system is the modular concept that can be freely designed: On a module rack with backplane bus, one central unit and up to four other input and output modules can be plugged.

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ibaBM - Field and Drive buses

The iba bus monitors make it possible to connect to different field bus and drive technologies.

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ibaInSpectra - Real-time Condition Monitoring of process vibrations

With ibaInSpectra, vibrations are monitored continuously and possible error sources can be detected in an early stage. As the ibaInSpectra library is integrated in ibaPDA, not only can pure vibration analyses can be done, but possible relations between vibrational effects and process behavior can also be determined.

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As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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The ibaInSpectra Condition-Monitoring software is used for frequency analysis. The sensor technology (IEPE acceleration sensors and IEPE microphones) is interfaced by means of an 8-channel IEPE module on the modular ibaPADU-S I/O system at a sampling rate of 40 kHz. The test bench can be switched off using a digital output module on the ibaPADU-S. The system is connected to ibaPDA using duplex FO (fiber optic) cable. Control signals are transmitted from the test bench control system to the measurement system via CAN bus. The external ibaBM-CAN module receives data from the CAN bus and transfers them over FO to ibaPDA.

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