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Checking and certifying coil tracking automatically

Handling flat products in an optimized way with ibaDatawyzer-ICC

Flat products are manufactured in several process steps, that do not directly follow each other in chronological order. Some products (the so-called coils) have to be put into interim storage. When marking, storing or providing the coils to the next process step, errors or confusions may occur. A coil that has been mistaken for another coil runs in the next process step under a "wrong identity" and might be processed in a wrong way.

A process based on measurement data has been developed in order to detect such confusions. In course of this process, coils are clearly identified by means of their geometric properties like thickness and width - similar to the human finger print.

Business Benefits

Coil identification
based on measurement data

Automatic online-monitoring
of the production

Easy integration
in the existing iba

The Technology

As a prerequisite, the geometries of the coils have to be measured at the end of the previous process and the beginning of the follow-up process with a sufficient length resolution (better than 10 cm). Using mathematic procedures, local characteristics (so-called features) are extracted from the measured geometrical data. By means of these characteristics, coil measurements that belong together can be identified rapidly and in a reliable way.

"Based on the geometric properties such as thickness and width, we can uniquely identify a coil and thus exclude confounders."

Detlef Maaß
Product Manager,
iba AG

iba Products

Measuring value acquisition - ibaPDA

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.


The described procedures and the mathematical algorithms have been integrated in the ibaDatawyzer-ICC (Inline Coil tracking Certifier) product. This product automatically analyzes the data recorded with ibaPDA and extracts the essential parameters to a database (certainty of the identity in percentage, relative information about positions like extension and shift ...). Optionally, certificates can be generated.

Coils which do not match sufficiently, are displayed in colors (traffic light function - yellow). If the matching coil is found in the database (traffic light function - red), a freely configurable follow-up action can be triggered. Usually, a pdf report will be generated and sent as e-mail. Due to the open DB structure of the system, data can be integrated easily e.g. in MES systems.

Confounded coils can be detected in a timely manner. Thus, corrective actions (blockings, corrections of the markings, ...) can be taken. The risk of delivering the wrong coils is minimized.

Checking and certifying coil scheme
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