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Monitoring gears the intelligent way

Preventing plant downtimes with Condition Monitoring as early warning system

Business benefits



downtimes of production plants


Automatic alarm

when limit values are exceeded


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in existing iba systems

The Project

Significant savings can be made with preventive maintenance using sensor-based Condition Monitoring. This is why Condition Monitoring gets more and more importance in major industrial plants over the last few years. First indications of upcoming damages can be detected by acquiring and analyzing vibrations of mechanical components, before these damages might lead to plant downtimes and related production losses.

Detecting wear on mechanical components in a rolling mill early on in the process, was the main objective of this project, as in case of an unplanned failure of a drive train, the whole production unit would be down. For predicting downtimes with a high reliability, the implemented system can perform detailed analyses of complex plants.

The Technology

Due to the implemented Condition Monitoring System (CMS), worn components can be exchanged during theregular maintenance cycles and consequential damages by defective components and unplanned plant downtimes can be prevented. For this purpose, the system analyzes vibration  signals, searches for characteristic damage patterns and calculates the current damage level based on these data.

In the production plant, numbers of revolutions per second, torques and other process values of the rolling stands are acquired by means of iba components and can be set into relation to the vibration data. Thus, the predictions can be improved significantly, as process-induced vibrations can be set into relation to the production behavior.

"Only with the simultaneous monitoring of all machine, process, material and quality data, the damages on machine parts in complex production plants can be detected reliably."

Christian Gmeinwieser
Application & Consulting, iba AG

iba Products


Condition Monitoring Center ibaCMC

The Condition Monitoring Center ibaCMC is a high-end web-based desktop application for trending, alarming and reporting tasks. The only piece of software needed on the client side is a web browser.

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Condition Monitoring Unit ibaCMU-S

With the modular hardware concept, the Condition Monitoring solution can be adapted optimally to different requirements. A web-based operating concept allows for simple and user-friendly configuration and visualization.

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Due to the correlation of the process data and the comparison to historical data, very informative trend views of the long-term behavior can be created. In case of a damage, every gear component generates a characteristic disturbing vibration due to its mechanical properties. This way, damages on the components can be identified by means of specifically defined frequency bands. Thus, defective components can be detected in a reliable way. Hence, false alarms are being prevented and a predictive maintenance becomes possible.

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