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Process analysis with ibaCapture

Keep an eye on the entire plant with process specific camera monitoring

Usually, the operator does not have a free view on all components and aggregates from the control panel of a rolling mill. This is why camera systems are used in the field of process monitoring. Thus, disturbances in the process can be identified from the control panel and appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

For preventing disturbances in the process that have occurred once and should be prevented in the future, the root causes of these disturbances have to be identified. Recording the camera signals simultaneously to the process signals is a proven method for identifying these root causes. The project comprised the installation of ibaCapture and ibaPDA in a wire rod mill.

Business Benefits

Time synchronous
recording of process and video signals

determination of root causes

The Technology

ibaPDA and ibaCapture record process and video signals time synchronously. For this purpose, ibaCapture sends synchronization signals to ibaPDA that are recorded simultaneously to the measurement data. In addition to the common analog and IP cameras, GigE cameras with a frame rate of up to 300 fps were used for acquiring the rapid processes in a wire rod mill. This is the foundation for a comprehensive online and offline analysis of the process behavior.

"Recording video and process data in a synchronized way allows comprehensive root cause analyses when your process doesn’t work as intended."

Daniel Gauss
Product Manager,
iba AG

iba Products

Combining measurement data and video images - ibaCapture

ibaCapture, in conjunction with ibaPDA, records video and HMI images synchronously with measurement data. Recording can be done continuously, or triggered by events. Important events can be automatically stored as still images. For historical analytics, ibaAnalyzer can be used to automatically retrieve, align, and display recorded video and HMI images with archived measurement data.

Measuring value acquisition - ibaPDA

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.


ibaQPanel is a software addon that allows for the live display of process and quality data in an HMI-picture. ibaQPanel combines the functionality of technological representations of measurement variables with elements typical for HMI screens. It is seamlessly integrated in ibaPDA.

Analysis software - ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer is characterized by its broad capability for analyzing and evaluating data. The application is intuitive and offers an advanced set of functions. The license for analyzing measurement files, which have been generated with the iba system, is free of charge.

Online visualization & Offline analysis

Camera and process signals can be displayed online with ibaPDA and ibaQPanel. In addition, process signals can be used for controlling the camera display. Using the scenario player, e.g. functions like the automatic and process controlled selecting the interesting camera or displaying critical process sections in slow motion can be implemented.

With the analyzing tool ibaAnalyzer, process and video images can be analyzed together. A recorded video sequence can be replayed in variable speeds. A marker moves time-synchronously over the displayed measurement signals. When analyzing interactively, the corresponding video image is displayed for the selected marker position.

Process analysis scheme - ibaCapture
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