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"By combining process and vibration analysis, you will optimize the real time monitoring and offline analysis of your plant and processes."

Christian Reinbrecht, Product Manager, iba AG

Vibration Analysis

For reliable real-time monitoring of vibrations, offline analysis tools for optimization and validation are indispensable. The iba system offers you coordinated tools for vibration monitoring and analysis combined with process data.

Real Time Vibration Monitoring

ibaInSpectra offers all the possibilities for real-time monitoring of vibrations - from the individually adjustable frequency band monitoring, to a self-learning module for monitoring frequency spectra, to the orbit monitoring of shaft motions. Integrating vibration monitoring into ibaPDA makes it possible to take process influences into account during monitoring and to optimize alerting.

Offline Vibration Analysis

Analysis tools are crucial for being able to make meaningful statements about the state of machines and systems or causes of problematic process vibrations. The integration of vibration analysis into the analysis tool ibaAnalyzer offers entirely new possibilities for examining correlations between processes and vibration behavior.

Companies who rely on the iba system for vibration analysis


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Monitorización en línea

de la optimización de procesos y la mejora de la calidad de los productos



de la vibración en tiempo real



de los tiempos de inactividad



de las falsas alarmas


Análisis a largo plazo

del estado de la máquina


Planificación excelente

de las tareas de mantenimiento

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Real Time Vibration Monitoring

Online monitoring: Optimizing processes,
increasing product quality

ibaInSpectra is an integrated technology module of the ibaPDA process data acquisition system and processes vibration signals continuously and in real-time. With spectrum and orbit analyses, vibrations can be monitored online and set into relation to other process parameters. When vibrations become critical, the plant operator is informed via alarm message or email. In addition, a feedback in the plant control can be implemented to automatically adjust the corresponding parameters.

ibaIn Spectra offers different modules for analyzing vibrations online. Also users with little practical experience can do a fast configuration due to the preconfigured calculations. For experts in the field of vibrations, there is a freely configurable Expert module that allows for the implementation of a wide spectrum of applications. The frequency bands to be monitored can be defined as fixed or depending on process variables and checked to see if they exceed limits. Shaft motions can be monitored online using the Orbit module.

iba-System for real time vibration monitoring


Products for Real Time Vibration Monitoring


ibaInSpectra - Monitorización de condiciones en tiempo real de las vibraciones de procesos

Con ibaInSpectra, se monitoriza de forma continua cualquier vibración y se pueden detectar posibles fuentes de errores en una fase temprana. Como ibaInSpectra está integrada en ibaPDA, no solo se pueden llevar a cabo análisis puros de las vibraciones, sino que también se pueden determinar las posibles relaciones entre los efectos de las vibraciones y el comportamiento del proceso.

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Offline Vibration Analysis

Intelligent tools for offline analysis

The offline analysis tools ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra and ibaRotate make it possible to create meaningful analyses from the recorded vibration data. ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra offers the functionality of ibaInSpectra for vibration monitoring offline in ibaAnalyzer. Analysis configurations can first be designed and tested offline within ibaAnalyzer and transferred to ibaPDA for real time vibration monitoring. It can also be used to verify existing ibaInSpectra installations to help tune the online calculations.

ibaRotate is optimized for vibration analysis and offers a unique performance. The analysis methods and functions for vibration analysis as well as the visualization options are also exceptional. Initial frequency and vibration analyses of the data recorded with ibaInSpectra and ibaCMC reveal interesting areas that can be analyzed in more detail with ibaRotate subsequently. The results from ibaRotate can be used to optimize ibaInSpectra modules with regard to calculation settings or to adjust measurement conditions and calculated characteristic values in ibaCMC.

iba-System for offline vibration analysis


Products for Offline Vibration Analysis



ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra can now be added to utilize the powerful ibaInSpectra library offline. Analysis configurations can first be designed and tested offline within ibaAnalyzer and transfer to ibaPDA for real-time vibration monitoring.

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ibaRotate es la solución de software para analizar mediciones de dominios de tiempo con patrones considerablemente cíclicos, como la vibración y el ruido acústico. ibaRotate funciona con los archivos de medición iba y otros tipos de archivos.

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Order no. Name Description
30.681220 ibaInSpectra ibaPDA license extension, spectrum analysis library
30.681221 ibaInSpectra-lite Spectrum Analysis Library, limited to 8 modules
30.681222 ibaInSpectra.Bundle ibaPDA license extension, Spectrum Analysis Library,
includes ibaInSpectra and ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra
33.010410 ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra Offline vibration analysis (add-on for ibaAnalyzer)
The license is already included in ibaInSpectra or available as add-on for ibaAnalyzer
Order No. Designation Description
33.010500 ibaRotate Analysis tool
33.010501 ibaRotate-Add-on non-iba files Reading external data
33.010510 ibaRotate-EUP Extended upgrade period