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WAGO-I/O-System 750

Expanding the iba system with I/O modules of the 750 series from WAGO/Beckhoff

Decentralized I/O system for various applications

The iba system can be expanded easily and costeffectively with 750 series I/O modules from WAGO and K-bus modules from Beckhoff. The two central units ibaW-750 and ibaNet750-BM-D offer different possibilities of connection to the iba system: via Ethernet or fiber optics.

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Ideal supplement

The flexible, decentralized WAGO I/O system is an ideal supplement to the iba system. All common I/O module types are supported.

Measure power, calculate characteristics

ibaW-750 also supports various modules for power measurement of the 750-494 and 750-495 series. The modules measure current and associated voltages in the three-phase supply network and calculate characteristic values, e.g. effective/reactive/ apparent power, effective/reactive/ apparent energy, power factor, phase angle, frequency.

Modul Types

The following I/O module types are supported:
analog and digital I/O modules, incremental encoders, SSI inputs, RTDs, thermocouples, measuring bridges, modules for power measurement.

Coupling to K-bus

A maximum data volume of 2048 bytes can be transferred via the K-bus. The sampling rate depends on the cycle time on the K-bus.

Connection via fiber optics or Ethernet

There are two ways of simply integrating the I/O modules into the iba system with automatic detection (plug & play): on the one hand via a standard Ethernet connection with the central unit ibaW-750, on the other hand via fiber optics (FO) with ibaNet750-BM-D. The two variants differ mainly with regard to the possible sampling rates, the necessary cabling and the operating distance.

Easy configuration, automatic detection

Both central units can be easily configured in ibaPDA as usual. The devices including the connected I/O modules are automatically detected in ibaPDA. When using ibaW-750, the device and the ibaPDA computer must be in the same LAN.

Comfortable configuration in ibaPDA

The power measurement modules are comfortably configured in ibaPDA. In addition, a large number of diagnostic signals are available, which can trigger an alarm in ibaPDA if, for example, a preset limit value is exceeded or not reached.

The devices at a glance

  • Standard Ethernet connection
  • Any PC, even as a virtual machine
  • Standard Ethernet cable
  • Operating distance plant-wide, worldwide (VPN tunnel)
  • PC with PCIe slot and iba-FO input/output card required, or
  • ibaDAQ
  • FO cable
  • up to 2000 m distance
  • Ethernet
  • Packet-oriented
  • Error correction with packet repetition
  • Fiber optic cable (FO)
  • Synchronous to the acquisition
  • No error correction necessary, due to dedicated FO cable
  • Deterministic
  • Synchronized with ibaPDA
  • up to 250 I/O modules
  • Deterministic
  • Synchronous via FO
  • up to 255 I/O modules
  • I/O modules are detected automatically (plug & play)
  • I/O modules are detected automatically (plug & play)

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Protección de datos

Success Stories

Sistema central de registro de datos

Como parte central del sistema iba, ibaPDA lleva años demostrando que es uno de los sistemas de registro de datos más versátil para el mantenimiento y la producción. La arquitectura cliente-servidor, la grabación flexible y la configuración sencilla gracias a la detección automática son solo algunas de las características más convincentes.

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15.140010ibaNet750-BM-DBus module for WAGO-I/O-System 750
15.140020ibaW-750Central unit for WAGO-I/O-System 750