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Drive Optimization in a Railcar Dumper & Train Positioner for Mines

Data acquisition with ibaPDA, ibaBM-DP and EtherNet/IP

iba Oceania designed a measuring system for a multiple AC motor VVVF controlled car positioner in a mine. The system was used to determine if load sharing issues between the AC motors were occurring due to continual clutch failures. The data captured provided a clear illustration of the issues relating to the load sharing mechanism between the motors.

Based on the recordings it then provided a clear path to rectify the identifi ed issues. Once the changes were implemented the iba system was then used to verify that the load sharing mechanism between the motors was correct.

The iba system allowed for all VVVF drive data to be trended synchronously in the same trend window. With modern VVVF drive software this is not possible as each drives data must be trended in separate windows.

Business Benefits

Effective trouble shooting
control system optimization and documentation of the results

Data continuously recorded
without the need for triggering

Acts like a "black box"
for your drive system

The Technology

The VVVF drives are controlled via Profi bus so an ibaBM-DPM-S Profi bus sniffer was used to capture the drive data. With this bus module up to 512 analog and 512 digital signals can be read and recorded at 1ms sampling.

The Profi bus network does not see any extra load as the sniffer is passive and not part of the active bus. Data was also captured from the Allen Bradley PLC via an Ether- Net/IP interface. Any data available inside the PLC can be marshalled and sent to the iba server and captured synchronously with the Profi bus data.

ibaAnalyzer showing load sharing before and after

""The data is stored in DAT-files and can be analysed, processed and archived with the ibaAnalyzer software tool which is free of charge. An efficient report generator allows for the creation of customized analytical reports.""

Fritz Woller
System Engineer,
iba Oceania

iba Products

ibaBM - Buses de campo y accionamiento

Los monitores de bus iba hacen posible conectarse a diferentes buses de campo y tecnologías de accionamiento.


Como parte central del sistema iba, ibaPDA lleva años demostrando que es uno de los sistemas de registro de datos más versátil para el mantenimiento y la producción. La arquitectura cliente-servidor, la grabación flexible y la configuración sencilla gracias a la detección automática son solo algunas de las características más convincentes.


ibaAnalyzer se caracteriza por sus amplias funciones de análisis y evaluación. La aplicación ofrece un funcionamiento intuitivo, junto con un variado alcance de funciones. La licencia para editar archivos de medición generados con el sistema iba es gratuita.


Dentro de ibaAnalyzer, el usuario tiene a su disposición Reportgenerator, una completa herramienta que permite generar informes individuales de un modo flexible. Reportgenerator ofrece opciones eficientes para crear plantillas y da la forma adecuada al resultado del análisis.

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