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Optimum repair time determined by condition monitoring from HAINZL and iba


The Condition Monitoring System (CMS) installed by iba AG detected wear damage to a particularly critical part of the hot-rolling mill at Salzgitter Flachstahl - a leading European steel manufacturer - in its first year of operation. By jointly determining the optimum time for repair, significant production downtime costs were saved.

While conventional systems do not detect this damage, the CMS from HAINZL and iba AG allows early detection by taking into account process parameters from the production plant resulting in precise analysis by the vibration experts. "This enabled us to plan our repair measures optimally and to carry them out at the ideal point of time", says Rebecca Dittkrist, the responsible maintenance engineer at Salzgitter Flachstahl. 

The detected damage showed up in certain operating modes only and was therefore very difficult to detect with conventional vibration measurement. "The built-in monitoring unit differs from other commercially available systems in that it communicates directly with the ibaPDA process data acquisition system and easily reads in the parameters required for correct monitoring," explains Herwig Eichler, Sales Manager for Condition Monitoring at HAINZL. After the repair was completed, the replaced gearbox was examined in detail and the perfectly chosen replacement time was confirmed by the mechanical experts. 

Günter Spreitzhofer, application engineer at iba AG, and Herwig Eichler from HAINZL agree: "This incident is a prime example of a perfect maintenance strategy. If the communication between mechanical maintenance and the vibration experts works well, a CMS can show its strengths and provide maximum benefit for the plant operator".

ibaCMC-Centro de monitorización de condiciones

El Centro de monitorización de condiciones ibaCMC es una aplicación de escritorio de última generación basada en la web para la creación de tendencias, alarmas y notificación de tareas. El único software que necesita el cliente es un navegador web.

Unidad de monitorización de condiciones ibaCMU-S

Gracias al concepto de hardware modular, la solución de monitorización de condiciones se puede adaptar a la perfección a los diferentes requisitos. El concepto operativo basado en la web permite una configuración y visualización sencillas y fáciles.

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