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Orbit function in the iba system

iba AG now also offers a function for the monitoring and analysis of shaft motions. Being integrated in the acquisition system ibaPDA and the analysis system ibaAnalyzer, the new orbit function offers various options for visualization, monitoring and analysis. Thus, shaft motions can be acquired together with machine and energy data. They can be visualized online, monitored and recorded. This has the great advantage that all data can be analyzed offline. In this process, we use exactly the same data, online as well as offline.

Beside the calculation of the eccentricity, not only the peak to peak value of the vibration displacement of the rotating shaft according to DIN ISO 7919 can be calculated, but also the corresponding peak to peak angle. The hardware needed for acquiring these shaft motions consists of only few components: Two distance sensors in the bearing shell, displaced by 90°, as well as a speed sensor acquire all necessary values that are then being captured via the analogous inputs in ibaPDA. Already during the measurement, ibaPDA allows to monitor the recorded values for arbitrarily configurable limit values and to visualize them in a meaningful online representation. Amongst others, the orbit, the phase reference, the time trend as a centerline as well as the speed levels are displayed in a radar chart.

With ibaAnalyzer all data are analyzed offline after measurement and the shaft motion can be diagnosed in detail. Here you can use the expression editor of ibaAnalyzer with a vast range of functions and filters for the calculation of characteristic values, for configuration, for data conditioning and for the correlation of various files. Beside this, the new playback function of ibaAnalyzer, allows you to display the recorded data again in an orbit visualization. This allows you to identify problems at an early stage, increase product quality and further


El ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra puede agregarse ahora para utilizar la potente librería offline de ibaInSpectra. Las configuraciones de análisis pueden ser primero diseñadas y probadas de forma offline en el ibaAnalyzer y transferidas al ibaPDA para un monitoreo de vibraciones en tiempo real.

ibaInSpectra - Monitorización de condiciones en tiempo real de las vibraciones de procesos

Con ibaInSpectra, se monitoriza de forma continua cualquier vibración y se pueden detectar posibles fuentes de errores en una fase temprana. Como ibaInSpectra está integrada en ibaPDA, no solo se pueden llevar a cabo análisis puros de las vibraciones, sino que también se pueden determinar las posibles relaciones entre los efectos de las vibraciones y el comportamiento del proceso.

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