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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to frequently asked Questions about iba Products

In order to have the Technical Support answer a service request precisely and quickly, a description as precise as possible of the unclear issue is necessary. Below is a list of the information required by the Technical Support to respond to queries about iba products.
What should be included when asking for support:

  • Give a detailed problem description.
  • Give the answers to the following questions:
    • Is it a new setup or was the system running without problems before?
    • Which software version was used when the system was running without problems?
    • What was changed before the problem occurred?
    • Did you update the software version?
    • Did you move the system to a new PC platform?
    • Did you update the Windows operating system?
    • Did you extend the system by adding new hardware or new interfaces?
    • Did you do changes in the configuration of the system?
  • Tell us what measures you have taken so far and the results.
  • Attach a support file, screenshots describing the problem and in case the problem is related to a PLC system the PLC project.  
  • Tell us at what point of time the problem occurred.

ibaPDA - Support File

The support file for ibaPDA is generated via the ibaPDA client.

The support file contains:

  • Diagnostic data from the server component and server PC:
  • Diagnostic data from the client component and client PC:
  • Diagnostic data from the HD server component and HD server PC:

If the client is not connected to the server (e.g. server crash) the support file contains only the client part. Reconnect the server and generate the support file again. is only generated when the client is connected to an HD server.

    ibaHD-Server – Support File

    The support file for ibaHD-Server is generated via the tray icon. Or ibaHD Manager (v2.0.0 or higher).

    The support file option to include:

    • Windows event log data: Application.evtx and System.evtx
    • Diagnostic HD Store data: Diagnostic Data for each enabled HD Store.

    ibaCapture – Support File

    Start the support tool from the start menu. Or in ibaCapture Manager, open the “Info” dialog and click “Save information for iba support…”

    iba software products are continuously improved and expanded.

    You can download new versions as a registered user in the download area of our homepage. For information on the changes contained in each version, please refer to the enclosed version history document. This document also contains information about the supported operating systems and installation requirements (e. g. Microsoft. NET version).

    If you want to be informed automatically by email about new available software versions, subscribe to our regular product information.

    The dongle number and all other license information of the inserted dongle can be displayed via the ibaDongleViewer. The ibaDongleViewer displays all licenses of the dongle across all products.

    Furthermore, the iba software products also offer a display of license information. Only the licenses relevant for the respective software product are displayed here.

      License information by means of ibaDongle Viewer

      More recent versions of iba software installation programs always allow the installation of ibaDongleViewer. It is specially displayed in the start menu. After starting ibaDongleViewer all information stored on the active dongle is shown.

      License information in ibaPDA

      ibaPDA lincence information can be displayed either by means of ibaPDA Server Status or directly in the IO-Manager.

      1. ibaPDA Server Status:

      Activation via start menu (iba>ibaPDA>Server Status) or the icon in the tray (right mouse click>Status).:

      2. IO-Manager:

      Activation via ibaPDA Client (Configuration>IO Manager>Hardware>General).

      License information in ibaHD-Server

      ibaHD-Server license information can be displayed by means of the HD Manager. Activation via start menu (iba>ibaHD Server>ibaHD Manager) or the icon in the tray (right mouse click>Open).:

      License information in ibaCapture

      ibaCapture license information can be displayed in the CC-Server. Activation via server configuration (select server)>Service>License info.

      If the language setting of the system is different from the language setting of the program, problems can occur with the display of ibaPDA server messages, performance counters and the display of Technostrings via OPC DA.

      The format setting and the display language refer to the general language settings of the Windows interface and the ibaPDA Client. Taking over the settings in the system account is important for the ibaPDA Server, as described in point 3 (Taking over the settings for the user “System”).

      1. Format settings

      Control Panel > Region and Language> Formats  
      Please select the appropriate format.

      2. Display language

      Control Panel > Region and Language> Keyboards and Languages
      Please choose a display language.

      3. Taking over the settings for the user “System”

      Usually, the Windows user “System” is used by ibaPDA Server. If you change the language settings for Windows, you also have to change the settings for the user “System”. Otherwise the language setting for the user “System” is retained unchanged. In that case, e.g. at the start of the acquisition server-generated validation messages are displayed (ostensibly) in the wrong language by ibaPDA. The notation of the performance indicator (usable with the virtual function PerformanceCounter) is also related to the language setting of the user “System”. The interpretation of Technostrings via OPC DA differs as well.

      Control Panel > Region and Language> Administrative > Copy settings => Apply
      Please select "Welcome screen and system accounts".

      The EUP date can be extended by purchasing a corresponding extension. Each EUP extension adds one year to the previous EUP date. Extensions are also possible when the EUP date is already several years in the past.  

      If that is the case, several extensions can be purchased whereas the EUP date increases by one year with every extension.  

      To periodically extend the EUP date of your licenses, some regions offer corresponding software maintenance and support contracts.

      Please contact your distribuidor local

      Every license receives an EUP date while being created. This date expires after two years from the time of delivery. The versions of the corresponding software contain a required EUP date. During the installation of software updates, the EUP date of the license is cross-checked against the required EUP date of the version to be installed.

      In case the EUP date of the dongle is before the required EUP date, you will receive a warning and the installation will be aborted. You can still install updates after the EUP date of a dongle has expired, provided that the required EUP date of the software version is before the EUP date of the dongle. The required EUP date of a software version corresponds to the release date of the main version.

      A main version is defined by the second digit of the version number. Bugfix versions for a main version (defined by the third digit of the version number) always have the same required EUP date as the corresponding main version. When the EUP date of your dongle covers a main version, you can use all bugfix versions for this main version.

      Details concerning the EUP dates can be viewed in the license information at any time. This information is also displayed during the installation of the corresponding products.

      There is no expiration date or annual fee for iba AG software licenses. Once purchased licenses can be used without restrictions. To further benefit from the continuous development and new functions of the software products, iba AG introduced the EUP model (extended update period). You can install updates up to two years after purchasing the software free of charge. To install updates after the expiration of EUP, it is possible to purchase one-year extensions. This way, you will be able to use all new functions of iba software products.

      For most iba software products updates can be installed for two years after purchase. This limitation is enforced by introducing the EUP concept (Extended Update Period). To benefit from continuous development, new functions and full support after the initial two years, the EUP date has to be extended.

      Your existing licenses remain valid at any time and can be used without functional restrictions. There is no expiration date for the license.

      For more information about extending an EUP please contact your distribuidor local.

      We offer the following solutions:

      • ibaFOB-io-USB: With the USB adapter from iba AG, measurement data can be acquired via ibaNet optical fiber connections. This allows notebooks to be connected to all iba peripherals, for example ibaPADU analog-to-digital converters, ibaNet750 devices, ibaLink system couplings and ibaBM bus monitors. The USB adapter is suitable for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.x interfaces and offers a bidirectional fiber optic interface with support for all ibaNet protocols (2Mbit, 3Mbit, 5Mbit, 32Mbit as well as 32MbitFlex). The protocol used at the FO is automatically recognized by the USB adapter. In function and performance, the USB adapter is comparable to an ibaFOB-io ExpressCard.
      • ibaFOB-io-ExpressCard (Type 34 and Type 54) supports all currently defined ibaNet protocols of 2-Mbit up to 32-Mbit Flex in both input and output direction.
      • ibaCom-PCMCIA-F (PC Card Type II) supports direct connection to the RJ45 socket via coiled cords. When using the ibaCom-FO-A adaptor you can connect 2-Mbit- and 3.3-Mbit FO cables for a maximum of 64 analog and 64 digital inputs. ibaCom-PCMCIA-F is not supported by 64bit operating systems.