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New major release v7

There is a new version of ibaPDA! After ibaPDA v6 has been available on the market for more than 14 years, ibaPDA v7 is now the successor with some long-awaited innovations. These are among others an improved dat file format, the version independence of ibaPDA server and client, display of ibaHD live data in ibaQPanel, several new data recordings, new functions in ibaQDR and much more. ibaPDA v7 requires a new license, please contact your local iba representative how to migrate from v6 to v7.

ibaPDA v7 offers some long-awaited features: Among other things, there is an improved dat-file format that allows you to create measurement files up to 64 GB; these files can also be optionally protected with a password. Thanks to the UTF-8 encoding, different languages such as Chinese, Russian and English can be used simultaneously in one measurement file. In ibaQPanel, HD data could previously only be displayed in the trend graph. In v7, HD live data can now be displayed with various objects. This provides new possibilities to use ibaQPanel views to visualize HD data.

The previous technostrings were replaced by text signals. This allows texts to be processed easily with new functions for text processing. Another important feature of v7 is that the versions of the ibaPDA client and the ibaPDA server no longer have to be identical. This makes it possible to operate different server versions from a single client. Further new features are: New measuring location types in ibaQDR for applications in hot rolling mills, support for the SIEMENS CP1626 board, an MQTT interface for acquiring data from MQTT brokers and the integration of an IEC 61850 server.

The output connectivity of ibaPDA has also been enhanced with new data store types. Measured values recorded with ibaPDA can now be sent online to higher-level systems such as Apache Kafka clusters and the Siemens MindSphere cloud.

A comprehensive list of the new features can be found in the current Product Information, the New Feature document and the ibaPDA version history. Due to the new dat-file format and other dependencies, other iba products must also be updated when migrating from ibaPDA v6 to v7. These dependencies are described in the New Feature document.

For using ibaPDA v7 a new license is required on your dongle in any case also when migrating from v6 to v7. Please contact your regional iba representative for migrating from v6 to v7. You will find your regional iba representative listed on our website.


Como parte central del sistema iba, ibaPDA lleva años demostrando que es uno de los sistemas de registro de datos más versátil para el mantenimiento y la producción. La arquitectura cliente-servidor, la grabación flexible y la configuración sencilla gracias a la detección automática son solo algunas de las características más convincentes.

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