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Surveillance conditionnelle (Condition monitoring) des installations complexes

Le centre de surveillance conditionnelle ibaCMC est une application bureau web haut de gamme servant aux tâches de tendance, d’alarme et de reporting. Le seul élément logiciel requis du côté du client est un explorateur web.

Coup d'œil sur ibaCMC

  • Analyse et configuration backend des ibaCMU
  • Analyse confortable des tendances à partir des bases de données
  • Application bureau web haut de gamme
  • Bibliothèque extensive de composants mécaniques
  • Module d’alarme et de reporting (e-mail)
  • Module de calcul virtuel des tendances
  • Support de multiples tendances, fonctions zoom, auto-rechargement et barres de navigation

Example View of the Software

Configuration, trends of characteristic values and display of raw data
  1. Hierarchical system configuration with status indication
  2. Long-term trends of calculated characteristic values
  3. Display of raw data and detailed analysis results
Raw data and correlated trend of a damage characteristic value
  1. False alarm Example of “virtual trending:” The fault indicators for bearings or gearing derived exclusively from the frequency spectrum or envelope spectrum are, in part, strongly influenced by environmental conditions. This leads to false alarms, see here.
  2. When the vibration signals are correlated to process signals, the quality of trending and alarming will increase significantly.

Caractéristiques du produit

Role-based user management

Different user roles (e.g. Administrator, signal analyst, electrical maintenance personnel, responsible plant engineer, etc.) demand different functionalities and views of different data. The detailed user configuration module provides an extensive toolbox for this task.

Easy configuration

ibaCMC provides a built in component library, which can be used to setup the plant configuration hierarchically, quickly and easily by using the provided drag & drop functionality.

Trend view

The trending module provides all the well known functions like zooming, multiple trends in the same view, cursors, navigator bar and many more. Referring to the time axis detailed analysis of time signals, FFT and envelope FFT can be carried out. The auto-reload function updates the views automatically when the trend cursor is moved.

Installation possibilities

ibaCMC can be operated in several ways. The traditional way is installation on dedicated server hardware. However, it can also be seamlessly integrated in a virtual environment (e.g. VMware® ESX™).

Further product for Condition Monitoring

Unité de surveillance de l’état ibaCMU-S

Avec son concept hardware modulaire, la solution de surveillance conditionnelle peut être adaptée de manière optimale à différents besoins. Son fonctionnement web permet une configuration et une visualisation simple et conviviale.

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