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New PADU device generation replaces the predecessor devices ibaPADU-8 and ibaPADU-8-I

Our successful DIN rail mount generation PADU series (ibaPADU-8 / ibaPADU-8-I) has been innovated and functionally enhanced.

In addition to fully function-compatible successor devices that are used for spare parts or re-ordering to ibaPADU-8 / ibaPADU-8-I, devices with extended, technical features are now also available.

Successor devices are:

1. ibaPADU-8AI-U (voltage inputs)

replaces devices

  • ibaPADU-8, ibaPADU-8-F1, ibaPADU-8-60,
  • ibaPADU-8-HI, ibaPADU-8-HI-F1, ibaPADU-8-HI-25, ibaPADU-8-HI-60,

with fully compatibility and with the integrated functions of the predecessor devices.

2. ibaPADU-8AI-I (power inputs)


  • ibaPADU-8-I

with fully compatibility.

Orders for old devices are still being delivered until the stock of these devices is used up:

  • For the power units, the transition to the successor device has already taken place.
  • Orders for voltage devices are expected to transition in the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Devices with advanced technical features are:

  • ibaPADU-D-8AI-U (voltage inputs)
  • ibaPADU-D-8AI-I (power inputs)

These compact devices are part of the new generation of the ibaPADU family, which supports the ibaNet 32Mbit Flex protocol, offering several benefits such as higher sampling rates, switchable filters, configuration via fiber optic link, ring operation, etc.

These devices can be used in all applications for fast signal acquisition > 1kHz and thus replace the previous ibaPADU-8-M device generation.

The ibaPADU-8-M device generation is only available in limited quantities for the spare parts requirement and can no longer be manufactured due to discontinued electronic components.

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