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Vous avez des questions sur nos produits? Nous vous proposons un support rapide et compétent. Notre support est fourni par des ingénieurs compétents qui connaissent parfaitement les différents domaines d'application des systèmes iba et des produits individuels.

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Update of iba software products required

Update requirement due to Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.1. release

On October 17, 2017 Microsoft has released .NET framework 4.7.1. This new .NET version is also included in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

For compatibility reasons an update for some of our software products is required.

The following software versions support .NET framework 4.7.1:

  • ibaPDA v6.38.4
  • ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer v6.38.4
  • ibaQDR v6.38.4
  • ibaHD-Server v2.1.1
  • ibaAnalyzer v6.9.5
  • ibaDatCoordinator v2.0.0
  • ibaDatManager v1.4.3
  • ibaCapture v4.1.2
  • ibaCapture-ScreenCam v4.0.3
  • ibaLicenseService-V2 v2.1.0

The software products ibaLogic, ibaRotate and ibaDaVIS are not affected.

Registered users can download the new versions from the download section of our website.

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