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Ils sont habitués à la connectivité de grande échelle et ont accès à une base de connaissances complète.

iba Support Team

Vous avez des questions sur nos produits? Nous vous proposons un support rapide et compétent. Notre support est fourni par des ingénieurs compétents qui connaissent parfaitement les différents domaines d'application des systèmes iba et des produits individuels.

Product & Support News


iba is now ISO 27001 certified

A milestone for us and your data

We are proud to announce the successful ISO 27001 certification, which we have been working towards for almost two years. ISO 27001 is considered the leading international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It certifies the responsible and secure handling of sensitive information at iba AG and shows the importance we attach to information security.

The main objectives of this certification are:

Protect confidential data

Detect and reduce cyber threats at an early stage

Minimize liability and business risks for our customers and us

Increase our customers and suppliers trust

Focus more on information security also for our products

This certification complements our existing ISO 9001 quality management system.

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If needed - and technically possible on your side - our engineers can initiate a TeamViewer® session to view or access your system.


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