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Diesel PowerStation KPIs

Power Station performance monitoring with ibaHD-Server and ibaQPanel

iba Oceania designed and implemented a Visualisation and Acquisition Package with ibaHD-Server and ibaQPanel to assist operators monitor and manage efficient despatch of diesel generation. Varying capacity of generation plant and service condition of plant has an impact on power station fuel efficiency. Live display of the generation and power station key performance indicators empower operations with the ability to make energy saving decisions resulting in reduced fuel consumption and energy efficiency improvements.

Business Benefits

High speed data acquisition
allows for fast and accurate Power Station Performance analysis, tuning and planning

Visualisation of fuel efficiency
and other power station KPIs lead to energy usage reduction

The Technology

A basic starter acquisition package of Voltage, current and fuel metering via a PADU-S-CM modular system enables access to live Specific Fuel Consumption, Fuel Efficiency and Power Quality indicators on up to 4 machines or feeders. The system can be readily expanded to incorporate:

• Vibration and Condition monitoring,

• Communication to PLCs, Power meters, Relays and VSDs

• Import of COMTRADE files

The ibaPDA solution is also fully integrable with modern SCADA systems via Active-X controls enhancing operating capability and experience.

Supporting T&D

The high speed acquisition capabilities enable the system to be used as a transient fault recorder to assist operations with fault analysis and network discrimination. Cross referencing T&D line crew reports with transient fault data assist engineering with enhanced distribution protection design leading to reduced nuisance trips and increased network availability.

Supporting Renewables integration

As renewables participate in increasing levels of network penetration, issues regarding voltage and frequency stability as well as with spinning reserve and reactive power support lead to significant concern. The high fidelity and resolution data allow power station engineers to accurately measure and assess grid stability and the impacts of renewables such as solar, in order to update models to reflect the power system, prepare plans and be prepared for the future.

Power Station Reports

The ibaPDA solution provides statistical analysis and reporting capabilities to support benchmarking covering areas including power quality, availability, downtime, Energy production/loss, fuel usage, restoration time, load profiling and other KPIs.

ibaQPanel visualisation of station KPIs and historical data

iba Products

ibaPDA is a PC-based system to centrally record data. The recording can be made to store data continuously or event based. An efficient report generator allows for the creation of customized analytical reports.

ibaHD-Server find past events rapidly, using the high resolution Historical Data (HD) server - also for continuous and long running projects. With the zoom function, you can travel from the annual, monthly or weekly overview down to the millisecond range.

ibaQPanel enables enhanced display process and quality data, conditions and events in live mode in a technology-related representation. It combines the functionality of an interactive measurement value display with elements from the area of HMI.

iba Modular System

Sistema modulare iba

Il sistema modulare iba acquisisce ed elabora segnali di misurazione e, con i moduli di output appropriati, è ideale per applicazioni di controllo. Il vantaggio decisivo del sistema è il concetto modulare, che può essere progettato liberamente: Su una batteria di moduli con backplane bus è possibile collegare una unità centrale e fino a quattro altri moduli di input e output.

Measuring value acquisition - ibaPDA


Come parte centrale del sistema iba, ibaPDA si dimostra da anni uno dei sistemi di acquisizione dati più versatili per la manutenzione e la produzione. Architettura client-server, registrazione flessibile, semplice configurazione grazie all’auto-rilevazione sono solo alcuni dei pregi di questo sistema.

Historical data - ibaHD-Server


Per trovare rapidamente eventi passati usando un server di dati storici (Historical Data, HD) ad alta risoluzione - anche per processi continui e di lunga durata. Con la funzione zoom, basta un clic per esplorare una panoramica annuale, mensile o settimanale con una precisione al millisecondo.


ibaQPanel è un software add-on che consente la visualizzazione live di dati di processo e di qualità in un’immagine HMI. ibaQPanel coniuga la funzionalità di rappresentazioni tecnologiche di variabili di misurazione con elementi tipici degli schermi HMI. È perfettamente integrato in ibaPDA.

Analysis software - ibaAnalyzer


ibaAnalyzer è caratterizzato da esaustive funzionalità per l’analisi e la valutazione. L’applicazione offre un funzionamento intuitivo con un complesso spettro di funzioni. La licenza per modificare file di misurazione generati con il sistema iba è gratuita.

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