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iba Support Team

Se ha domande sui nostri prodotti, Le offriamo un’assistenza rapida e competente. L’assistenza è fornita da ingegneri competenti che conoscono perfettamente le diverse aree di applicazione del sistema iba e i singoli prodotti.

Product & Support News


Discontinuation of ibaPDA-V6

Since May 20th, 2019, ibaPDA-V7 is available as a successor version of ibaPDA-V6 with many new features, replacing ibaPDA-V6 completely and compatible.

You will find further information regarding the new features of ibaPDA-V7 under the topic "iba News".

With this release of ibaPDA-V7, sales and further development of ibaPDA-V6 is discontinued. Software updates are provided for ibaPDA-V7 only.

For a transition period, ibaPDA-V6 licenses can be ordered on request only and only after approval by iba AG until December 31st, 2019. For a migration of existing ibaPDA-V6 licenses to ibaPDA-V7, we offer a special service until May 31st, 2020. Please contact our support for detailed information.

With the introduction of ibaPDA-V7, new conditions for software maintenance and support also apply. Y Please read our current software maintenance and support conditions.

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If needed - and technically possible on your side - our engineers can initiate a TeamViewer® session to view or access your system.


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For urgent matters, please contact the support hotline of your local sales partner.