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Output Connectivity

iba System

With the broad northbound connectivity measurement and quality data can also be processed outside the iba system. With connections to databases and cloud systems, data acquired with iba can be stored, evaluated and analyzed in your system.

Due to process and cloud connectivity, we can help you digitalize your processes.

Process Monitoring
ibaPDA offers various streaming interfaces for online monitoring of processes captured with ibaPDA such as: OPC UA, MQTT, SAP S/4 HANA, Apache Kafka. Further interfaces are being planned.

Storing and Analyzing characteristic Values
For long-term storage and analysis of length- or time-based aggregated data or characteristic values calculated in ibaAnalyzer, the iba system offers an open database interface to SQL databases (SQL Server/MS Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …) via OLEDB or ODBC.

Open Ecosystem
Using these interfaces you can easily create a performant reporting system or use the data for your data analytics applications.

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of your Industry 4.0 strategy

Open Ecosystem
for the integration of your applications

Cross-System Transfer
of KPIs

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Политика конфиденциальности

Выбрав страну, мой запрос будет направлен в региональное отделение iba AG, ответственное за продажи и поддержку.

Истории успеха


Order no.NameDescription
30.670141ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-64Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 64 signals 
30.670142ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-256      Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 256 signals
30.670143ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-1024Writing into a SAP HANA DB; 1024 signals
30.670160ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-16Writing into an Apache Kafka Cluster, 16 signals
30.670161ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-64Writing into an Apache Kafka Cluster, 64 signals
30.670162ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-256Writing into an Apache Kafka Cluster, 256 signals
30.670163ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka-1024Writing into an Apache Kafka Cluster, 1024 signals
30.670180ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-16Writing into the MindSphere cloud, 16 signals
30.670181ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-64Writing into the MindSphere cloud, 64 signals
30.670182ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-256Writing into the MindSphere cloud, 256 signals
30.670183ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-1024Writing into the MindSphere cloud, 1024 signals
30.671000ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-16Writing into a MQTT broker; 16 signals
30.671001ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-64Writing into a MQTT broker; 64 signals
30.671002ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-256Writing into a MQTT broker; 256 signals
30.671003ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-1024Writing into a MQTT broker; 1024 signals
30.671020ibaPDA-Data-Store-Oracle-64Writing into a Oracle DB/Cloud; 64 signals
30.671021ibaPDA-Data-Store-Oracle-256Writing into a Oracle DB/Cloud; 256 signals
30.671022ibaPDA-Data-Store-Oracle-1024Writing into a Oracle DB/Cloud; 1024 signals
30.671030ibaPDA-Data-Store-SQL-Server-64Writing into a SQL-Server DB/Cloud; 64 signals
30.671031ibaPDA-Data-Store-SQL-Server-256Writing into a SQL-Server DB/Cloud; 256 signals
30.671032ibaPDA-Data-Store-SQL-Server-1024Writing into a SQL-Server DB/Cloud; 1024 signals
30.671040ibaPDA-Data-Store-PostgreSQL-64Writing into a PostgreSQL DB/Cloud; 64 signals
30.671041ibaPDA-Data-Store-PostgreSQL-256Writing into a PostgreSQL DB/Cloud; 256 signals
30.671042ibaPDA-Data-Store-PostgreSQL-1024Writing into a PostgreSQL DB/Cloud; 1024 signals
30.671050ibaPDA-Data-Store-MySQL-64Writing into a MySQL DB/Cloud; 64 signals
30.671051ibaPDA-Data-Store-MySQL-256Writing into a MySQL DB/Cloud; 256 signals
30.671052ibaPDA-Data-Store-MySQL-1024Writing into a MySQL DB/Cloud; 1024 signals