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Edge Analytics

Monitor Processes locally - evaluate Parameters globally

Edge Analytics applications allow processes to be monitored locally based on high-resolution measurement data. The measurement data is processed on an so-called edge device close to the process directly where it is generated and does not have to be transferred to higher-level systems such as cloud systems or databases. This is also not easily possible due to the amount of data, the available bandwidth and the interactions between OT and IT networks in general.

Acquire and automatically Process Data on the Edge Device

Edge Analytics combines many Advantages

  • Use of application-specific HW and SW
    directly on the edge
  • Full process connectivity of ibaPDA
  • Processing measurement data direct on the edge
    without transferring data to cloud systems
  • Results from edge analytics are available in real time
  • Continous monitoring and alarming based on
    configurable limits and calculated results
  • Local storage of measurement data
  • Interfaces for transferring key values
    to arbitrary higher-level systems
  • Global evaluation of edge analytics
    results for long-term analysis

Edge Devices

The Edge Device can be ibaDAQ or ibaDAQ-C. The acquisition of sensor and control data is done with ibaPDA with the comprehensive process connectivity of the iba system. The measured data are available as raw data and form the basis for application-specific calculations of characteristic values (such as ibaAnalyzer, ibaInSpectra or ibaInCycle).

ibaDAQ 系列

ibaDAQ 系列的设备允许使用内置的 ibaPDA 系统和板载数据存储器采集本地数据。凭借全面的输出选项,您可以在任意位置访问这些设备所需的相关数据和信息。

Neben der ibaDAQ-Familie können auch die Zentralstationen des iba-Modularsystems für applikationsspezifische Berechnungen zusammen mit den I/O-Baugruppen des iba-Modularsystems als „Edge Device“ eingesetzt werden. Damit können Anwendungen wie z.B. Power Quality und Condition Monitoring effizient realisiert werden.

iba 模块化系统

iba 模块化系统可采集并处理测量信号,相应的信号输出模块完美适合控制应用。系统的决定性优势是可自由设计的模块化理念:在具有背板总线的模块支架上,可以插入一个中央单元以及最多四个其他输入和输出模块。


KPI Calculation

功能强大的分析软件 - 灵活且免费

Online Vibration Analysis


Online Process Monitoring


Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring Unit

Online Anomaly Detection

Monitoring and Analysis of Cyclical Processes

Online Data Processing


Online Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality Unit

Example for Vibration Analysis




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