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ibaAnalyzer-DB(ibaAnalyzer 的数据库接口)可用于进一步延展测量数据的长度或相关时间,并将其与计算所得的特性值一起存储在数据库中。

ibaAnalyzer-DB 概览

Integration of basic process data - ibaAnalyzer-DB

  • 通过 ODBC/OLE DB数据库工具提取到数据库中
  • 可对质量数据和特性值 (KPI) 进行透明且易于理解的计算并将其从高采样率的原始数据提取到数据库中
  • 基于数据库查询使用 ibaAnalyzer 和 ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator 报告生成器
  • 可通过数据库分析解答与过程相关的问题
  • 可灵活深层挖掘原始数据

Calculation of Quality Data

With the iba system, production and quality data can be generated directly from data recorded with high resolution taking into account the above-mentioned requirements. For this purpose, high-resolution data must first be prepared appropriately with ibaAnalyzer, then aggregated with ibaAnalyzer-DB and afterwards loaded into a database.

Before data is loaded into the database, it can be fully „pre“-processed with the well-known analysis functions of ibaAnalyzer. In this process, existing analysis specifications can be used to extract a variety of data into the database, such as, for example:

measured signals

derived and calculated signals
(virtual signals)

statistic values,
such as maxima, minima, averages, standard deviations

characteristics calculated related to the product,
such as violations of limits, product blocking note, customer IDs, length calculations (e.g. undercoating length, prime piece length), etc.

Standard interface for databases

ibaAnalyzer-DB uses the standard interfaces OLE DB and ODBC for communication with the databases. Based on this concept, ibaAnalyzer can work with many different databases, such as, for example:


Layer Model is broken

The classic layer model of communication in production automation is consciously broken through in order to be able to offer the following advantages:

  • versatile connectivity
  • fast data acquisition
  • data pre-processing right after generation
  • calculation of KPIs direct at the source
  • source of KPI data is known and traceable
  • drill down to raw data possible
  • flexibility in case of changes - if different or more data have to be extracted into the database, only the configuration but not the communication interfaces between the individual levels need to be adapted.
Automated Data Extraction

Although ibaAnalyzer-DB uses completed measurement files as a source, analysis and extraction can be automated in a very process-oriented way. Using the post-processing function in ibaPDA or ibaLogic, the analysis can be started immediately after a measurement file has been created. Additional utilities, such as ibaDatCoordinator or batch files, are available for more sophisticated solutions.

Product Features

Loading data into database – scalable extraction

The user can define any number of archiving profiles for extraction in order to reduce the data volume to a small but informative amount. Each measured signal can be individually assigned to an archiving profile.

Topology – from local to plant-wide analyses

When using ibaAnalyzer-DB with a local database, e.g. quality data of a plant can be analyzed, traced and managed clearly. MSSQL Express or MS Access databases are often used for such systems.

Database query

The standard query wizard of ibaAnalyzer-DB assists the user during database query or in searching for specific data using different criteria. Queries can be saved for later use and managed with ibaAnalyzer.

Database analysis

The read data can be viewed and analyzed in used way with ibaAnalyzer-DB. It is particularly interesting to note that analyses can also be carried out directly on the basis of the prepared characteristic values of the database.

This software is one of many useful add-ons of ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer 具有全面的功能,可进行分析和评估。该应用程序提供直观操作以及复杂的功能。用于打开并编辑 iba 系统生成的测量文件的授权是免费的。


ibaAnalyzer 的扩展

可以通过带有附加功能的大量实用插件模块化扩展 ibaAnalyzer 系统

Offline vibration analysis - ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra

Detailed offline Vibration Analysis

Automated generation of reports - ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator


Detailed offline analysis of cyclic processes - ibaAnalyzer-InCycle

Detailed offline analysis of cyclic processes

Display geographic positions and movement - ibaAnalyzer-Maps

Display of GPS positions and routes




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Order no.NameDescription
33.010.000ibaAnalyzer-V7Offline analysis package for iba measurement files
33.010.001ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB*Offline analysis and data generation for SQL or ODBC databases
33.010.004ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB-Multiuser*Multiuser license for 5 users
33.010.002ibaAnalyzer-V7-File-Extract*Offline data extraction from an original dat file into a new file (new format)
33.010.410ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra*Offline vibration analysis (add-on for ibaAnalyzer)
33.010.445ibaAnalyzer-E-Dat*Offline analysis for external data formats
34.000.100ibaLicenseService-V2if more than one license is used per dongle (free of charge)

* Licensing of products marked with an asterisk (*) can be done by a local dongle; or by ibaLicenseService-V2 if more than one license is used or several users need the licenses.