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ibaLogic 是一个用于信号处理和自动化的系统。已在多种工业应用中可靠地发挥作用的第五代ibaLogic系统采用全新的方式进行编程并提供最新界面。

ibaLogic 概览

  • 基于 PC 的系统,用于信号处理、控制和仿真 
  • 图形化编程方式符合 IEC 61131-3 
  • 客户端/服务器工作原理 
  • PAC 架构 
  • 不同的runtime平台 
  • 轻松创建程序、操作直观 
  • 用户专用的功能块和数据类型

凭借易用性、为测量技术无缝集成 iba 产品以及突出的性价比,可应用于多个领域。

ibaLogic 主要用于快速动态过程的测量和控制技术。runtime程序可以开启或关闭短至1ms的程序循环周期时间。

基于可编程自动化控制器 (Programmable Automation Controller, PAC) 架构的 ibaLogic 同时使用功能强大的 PC 和特殊的runtime环境(如 ibaPADU-S-IT)来解决传统 PLC 的问题。

ibaLogic 比较

ibaLogic (in comparison)

ibaLogic Lite


Embedded ibaPADU-S-IT*

Unlimited number of IOs

Cycle time

≥ 50 ms

≥ 1 ms

≥ 1 ms

ibaPDA Interface***

Supported Hardware





Playback of measurement files


4 connections

Data storage in DatFileFormat DFW (signals)




Alternatively OPC DA Server or OPC UA Server




Other interfaces (DLL / RFM / SST / Profibus / ... )


Interfaces on request**


* included in hardware price,   ** upgrade subject to costs,   *** ibaPDA requires separate interface licence (if not on same PC)

Product Features

One System for many Applications

ibaLogic is a system for signal processing and automation. The fifth generation of the ibaLogic system, which already functions reliably in many industrial applications, has been programmed in a new way and provided with an up-to-date interface.

The Programm Concept

To meet constantly changing demands to automation and measurement technology, we have developed a program concept which guarantees required flexibility for the future development. Among other things it is characterized by: Client/server architecture, Based on a database (Microsoft SQL Server), Program editor is connected to the runtime system via TCP/IP communication

PAC Architecture

ibaLogic has been programmed according to architecture of Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). A characteristic of the PAC architecture is the combination of PC-typical features and IT standards with the automation functions of the PLC technology.

Easy Program Creation and intuitive Operation

Simple graphical programming and user-friendly operation concept make it easy to start working with ibaLogic for beginners as well as experienced programmers.

Program Designer

The program designer is the main window of the programming interface. In this window the actual „programming work“ is performed, i.e. here you can place the function blocks and link them to each other.

Navigation Area

In the navigation area you will find all elements and data required for the configuration and programming. Program elements can be either moved from the corresponding category to the program designer via drag & drop or configured using context menus.

Extendable Function Block Library

The default library contains all standard function blocks (FBs) specified in the IEC standard as well as helpful supplements (mean value images, PID-controller, FFT-blocks etc.).

User-defined Function Blocks

Creation of user-defined function blocks with textual input method on the basis of IEEE structured text (ST) is an integral part of ibaLogic. For this purpose ibaLogic provides a convenient function block editor.

Integration of the existing C(++) Algorithms

The use of available programs written in high-level programming languages is a valuable feature of ibaLogic. Technological know-how of ibaLogic can be protected from unauthorized access and consistency of approved technical solutions can be guaranteed even in case of modernization.

Hierarchical Design and Macro Technology

The clear arrangement of the entire program can be improved even more by combining the program parts created with discrete function blocks to superordinate function blocks, so-called macroblocks.

User-defined Data Types

In addition to the default data types according to the IEC standard there are also different user-defined data types available for the user.

Program Modifications during Operation

Modifications of the program can be performed during operation because no separate compilation runs and loading procedures are required.

Different Runtime Environments (Platforms)

The runtime can function independently from the ibaLogic programming system (server) as long as there is a suitable environment. ibaLogic server and client are required only during program creation or modification.

Process Interfaces

ibaLogic offers the entire range of iba connectivity to process the input and output signals.

Performance and System Dynamics

The shortest cycle time of ibaLogic is 1 ms. When using the corresponding iba peripheral modules fast data recording with up to 40 kHz is possible, thus, enabling for example trouble-free vibration analysis.

Diagnosis of Task Calculations

With the additional tool ibaLogic Timing Diagnostics, the time behavior of the system can be recorded as a measurement file (*.dat) with μs accuracy by displaying the current task states. The measurement file can be analyzed in ibaAnalyzer.

Measurement Value Indication and Data Recording in ibaLogic

The measurement data recording is an integral part of ibaLogic. Using a special function block measurement data (*.dat) can be generated by means of an ibaPDA system and finally evaluated using ibaAnalyzer.

ibaLogic as Simulation System

ibaLogic is also suitable for simulation of processes. Due to OPC connectivity it is possible to simulate process cycles using ibaLogic and demonstrate the simulation results (e.g. movements of machine elements) using 3D-visualization ibaAnimation-3D.

ibaLogic 是 ibaPADU-S-IT 的嵌入式系统
  • 模块化数据采集和控制系统
  • 用户图形化编程 (IEC61131)
  • 内置 ibaLogic 的独立系统
  • 可采集原始数据和使用 ibaPDA 计算所得的值
  • 控制系统,Soft PLC
  • 可以进行时间同步 (NTP, DCF77)
  • 数据存储在设备上 (110 GB SSD)





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iba Training

请联系 当地经销商

Order no.NameDescription
32.500001ibaLogic-V5Graphical online signal calculation and processing
32.500002ibaLogic-V5-LiteGraphical online signal calculation and processing - dongle free
32.500005ibaLogic-V5 Timing DiagnosticsExtended Diagnostics
32.500009ibaLogic-V5 upgrade with 64-DatFileWriteLicense with 64 signals per runtime system
32.500010ibaLogic-V5 upgrade 64 to 256-DatFileWriteLicense extension to 256 signals per runtime system
32.500011ibaLogic-V5 upgrade 256 to 1024-DatFileWriteLicense extension to 1024 signals per runtime system
32.500020ibaLogic-V5-Interface-RFM-AccessInterface for data exchange via Reflective Memory
32.500021ibaLogic-V5-Interface-Profibus-DP-MasterInferface for Profibus DP Master
32.500030ibaLogic-V5-DB ACCESSLicense for ibaLogic-V5 Function Block for DB Access
32.500035ibaLogic-V5-SDK-DLL-SDKOEM agreement required, incl. 3 days training at iba or via Teamviewer
32.500036ibaLogic-V5-DLL-RuntimeDLL runtime license