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Hardware - HWA2019-08

For our product ibaBM-DP we have released the new firmware v01.05.001.

What’s new in this version?

Mapping Mode
The ‘mapping mode’ option provides extensive possibilities to exchange data between two PROFIBUS systems connected to Bus0 and Bus1 interfaces. This option is suitable for modernizations but also for plain data coupling on a PROFIBUS level. A classic DP/DP coupler is available for transfer of output data of one slave to the input data range of an assigned slave in a bidirectional way. In addition the output data of existing slaves of the PROFIBUS system Bus0 can be sniffed and transferred to the input data range of an assigned slave. In total up to 8 of these mapping assignments can be used. When using the expansion of active slaves ‘ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-8Slaves’ (13.321001) even 16 mapping assignments are usable.

In ‘mapping mode’, the ibaBM-DP device is operated without ibaPDA. It is only used to couple the PROFIBUS systems on Bus0 and Bus1. The configuration of the mapping assignments is done via the web dialogs of the device. You cannot record data in parallel via ibaPDA.

To use this new mode a device specific additional license product ‘ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-Mapping’ (13.321032) is required.

An update of the firmware on your ibaBM-DP device is only required in case you want to use the new mapping mode. No other changes are included.

Registered users can download this new firmware from our website.


Registered users can download all hardware documentation in our download area. 

Updated Manuals
ibaBM-DP (v1.5, English, German)

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