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Field and Drive buses

Distinct connectivity to automation systems and bus technologies

The iba bus monitors make it possible to connect to different field bus and drive technologies.

Field and Drive Buses at a Glance

Field and drive buses at a glance - iba

  • Monitoring and recording of data traffic between automation and peripherals (sniffing) without interferences
  • Direct connectivity - no specific bus configuration required for the sniffer function
  • Configuration as active bus device in order to capture any given data
  • Data recording synchronized with other measuring signals in ibaPDA
  • Convenient configuration of devices and signals to be captured in ibaPDA
  • Diagnostic functions in ibaPDA

Product Highlights

Coupling to Field and Drive Buses

By using the iba bus monitors, an iba data acquisition system can be connected to standard bus technologies and acquire data from the buses and the connected hardware.

No interferences

All bus monitors are coupled without interferences in the bus and facilitate the monitoring and recording of data traffic between automation and peripherals, without compromising or straining the automation.

Sniffer Mode

The iba bus monitors usually have two modes of operation. In the sniffer mode (= listening), the values communicated via the bus are read and recorded as signals. Configuration changes are not required in this case.

Active Mode

In the active mode, known as "active slave", the bus monitor can receive the values sent to it from the control system. The bus monitor can be specifically addressed by the bus master and supplied with any measured values. All internal values can be collected in this way without having to place them on an analog or digital terminal.


The iba bus monitors offer a substantial amount of diagnostic information about the status of the field bus in order to be able to quickly detect bus errors. Information on the slaves is also displayed.

Convenient Configuration in ibaPDA

The configuration of signals conveniently takes place in the I/O manager of ibaPDA. By using automatic detection in ibaPDA, the connected devices are detected in ibaPDA and displayed in the I/O manager.

The required adjustments for the signals are made quickly thanks to the simple user interface and are stored in the devices.

The modern Classic of Data Acquisition

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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ibaBM-eCAT: Busmonitor for EtherCAT

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-eCAT

  • Integration into the EtherCAT bus next to the master
  • To be used for interference free recording of the communication between master and slave (sniffer function)
  • Optional configurable as active EtherCAT slave
  • Acquisition and recording of up to 512 analog and 512 digital signals in each signal direction (up to 4060 Bytes)
  • Support of ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex

ibaBM-CAN: Bus monitor for CAN/CANopen

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-CAN

  • Connections for 2 independent CAN/CANopen bus lines
  • To be used for interference free recording of the cyclic communication between master and slave (sniffer)
  • Acquisition and recording of up to 512 analog and 512 digital signals with ibaNet protocol 32Mbit
  • Graphical diagnostic function for rating the deterministic behaviour of the CAN bus by measurement of cycle time (in μs) for each ID
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces for parameterization

ibaBM-PN: Bus monitor for PROFINET IO

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-PN

  • 2 independent, internal PN devices for connecting to 1 or 2 PROFINET lines
  • Capturing and recording up to 1440 bytes per PN device
  • Supports RT (real time) and IRT communication (isochronous real time)
  • Supports MRP (media redundancy protocol)
  • Flexible adjustment of sampling rate and data formats with 32Mbit Flex
  • Support of ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex
  • S2 system redundancy
  • Flexible adjustment of sampling rate and data formats with 32Mbit Flex

ibaBM-DP: Bus monitor for PROFIBUS DP

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-DP

  • Connectors for 2 PROFIBUS lines up to 12 Mbit/s
  • Sniffer function for interference free acquisition of the cyclic master slave communication (DP-V0)
  • Up to 8 or 16* active slaves can be configured
  • Acquisition of up to 244 bytes per active slave
  • Flexible configuration of sampling rate, data format and data volume
  • Support of ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex
  • Additional options for special fields of application: redundancy*-, simulation*-, mirror*-, mapping*- and P2P mode

*additional license required

ibaBM-DDCS: Bus monitor for the drives bus DDCS of ABB

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-DDCS

  • Acquisition of internal values and parameters from the drives at the service channel
  • To be used for interference free recording of the communication between controllers and drives
  • Acquisition and recording of up to 4060 Bytes payload per cycle
  • Connection to a free port of the NDBU-95 branching unit
  • Additional connection option for a computer with DriveWindow
  • Support of ibaNet protocol

ibaBM-ENetIP: Bus monitor for EtherNet/IP

Field and drive buses - ibaBM-ENetIP

  • TAP interface for sniffer function
  • Data acquisition with ibaPDA
  • Simple configuration and measurement via bidirectional fiber optic connection with ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex
  • Flexible adjustment of sampling rate and data formats with 32Mbit Flex
  • Monitor interface for connecting a network analysis tool

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Order no.NameDescription
13.122000ibaBM-CANBus monitor for CAN/CANopen
13.121001ibaBM-DPBus monitor for PROFIBUS
13.321001ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-8SlavesFunction extension ibaBM-DP: Additional 8 slaves
13.321011ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-SimulationFunction extension ibaBM-DP: Simulation mode
13.321021ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-RedundancyFunction extension ibaBM-DP: Redundancy mode
13.321031ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-MirrorFunction extension ibaBM-DP: Mirror mode
13.321032ibaBM-DP-Upgrade-MappingFunction extension ibaBM-DP: Mapping mode
13.127000ibaBM-eCATBus monitor for EtherCAT
13.120010ibaBM-ENetIPBus monitor for Ethernet/IP
13.120000ibaBM-PNBus monitor for PROFINET


Function extension ibaBM-PN: Redundancy mode
13.120710ibaBM-DDCSBus monitor for DDCS drive bus