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Display of Quality Data - Live and in Color

With ibaQPanel, process and quality data, conditions, events and video images in live mode can be displayed in a technology-related representation. It combines the functionality of an interactive measurement value display with elements from the area of HMI and can be integrated seamlessly in ibaPDA.

ibaQPanel at a Glance

  • Live representation of quality data, measured values, conditions and video sequences
  • Software Add-on for ibaPDA and ibaHD-Server
  • Scenario Player for ­video cameras recording with ibaCapture
  • Time and length related display
  • Offline trend display from measurement files and HD data stores
  • Freely configurable visualization objects like e.g. online FFT analysis, 2D-colored display for vector signals, bar charts, e.g. for representation of cross profiles, static and dynamic text and video display

Application Examples

Paperless Recorder

The function of a paperless recorder is a typical applica­tion. ibaQPanel meets numerous requirements, that are typical for recording and visualization of production rele­vant quality data. The signals run in different trend graphs - clearly grouped and can be easily identified using different colours. The graphs can be displayed time or length based, the feed rate can be selected individually. If required, the signals can be displayed or hidden by a single mouse click.

Integration in an HMI System

In this example, the ibaQPanel display is integrated as ActiveX­Control in a proprietary HMI system. Once again, ibaQPanel offers the same functionality, the possibilities of layout and the rapid display as in an ibaPDA client.

Using the zoom function, the signals can be displayed with acquisition times as low as 1 ms or even down to 10 µs. In contrast, common HMI systems usually record the signal sequence significantly slower.

ibaCapture with Scenario Player

If parts of a plant are being monitored using ibaCapture, the views of multiple cameras can be displayed in ibaQPanel.

The user can arrange the camera views according to his needs. In addition to the live display, the playback function offers the possibility to rewind along the time axis, to ­change the playback speed or zoom in certain screen areas.

Product Features

Display Objects

Online FFT analyses, flatness or temperature profiles as well as alpha numerical and condition-depen­dent information can be displayed with ibaQPanel in real time. Signal trends can be displayed both time or length related.

Valuable Process Information

By means of multidimensional signals (vector signals) and the 2D-colored display, temperature, flatness and thickness profiles can be configured easily. This display shows the product quality at a glance. This enables the operating personnel to immediately recognize technological correlations and influences of the process parameters on the quality and to intervene accordingly.

All Advantages of ibaPDA

The complete connectivity of ibaPDA is available in ibaQPanel. All signals that are acquired by ibaPDA or ibaHD-Server, can also be displayed by ibaQPanel.

Technological Functions

Besides the general display properties some objects have special technological functions. For example, coefficients for the polynomial calculation of the profile curve can be specified in a cross-profile display or a length signal for the display of length-related values can be fed into the trend display.

Object Library and Language Switching Allow Comfortable Operation

Displays can be created fast and intuitively. Any number of display objects can be taken from the „Toolbox“ and drawn to the panel using the mouse. All properties of the display objects, such as size, position, alignment, colors, font sizes, scalings etc. are configured in comprehensive dialogs. Measured signals can easily be assigned to the display objects by using drag & drop.

Display of Web Pages

The integrated web browser is used to display web pages or browser-enabled files, such as PDF and image files. The web browser can also be used to display data from ibaDaVIS in order to visualize data from databases.

This Software is one of many useful Add-ons of ibaPDA

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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Add-ons for ibaPDA

The ibaPDA system can be modularly extended by a number of useful add-ons with additional functions


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