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ibaDAQ family

Measuring Autonomously - Process Connected

The devices of the ibaDAQ family allow a local data acquisition with the integrated ibaPDA system and an onboard data storage. You can access relevant data and information anywhere they are needed due to the exhaustive output options.

ibaDAQ family at a Glance

Measuring autonomously - Process connected - ibaDAQ

  • Local data acquisition with full ibaPDA functionality
  • Data storage in the device
  • Data transfer via WI-FI or Ethernet
  • Connector for monitor and USB devices
  • Including analysis with ibaAnalyzer
  • Exhaustive output connectivity

Product Highlights

Perfectly Suitable for the Local Use in any Environment

The devices of the ibaDAQ family are ideal out-of-the-box solutions for the acquisition and recording of data. All three devices offer the functionality of a computer with an integrated ibaPDA system for up to 64 signals, an internal SSD to store the data, a CPU with high performance and interfaces to acquire measured values.


The ibaDAQ device is part of the iba modular system and can be combined with up to 4 I/O modules. They provide an Ethernet interface and a FO connection that fulfill the function of an ­ibaFOB-io-card.


Those who merely wish to acquire Ethernet-based protocols will find a practicable solution in the DIN-rail device ibaDAQ-C with 2 Ethernet interfaces. The standard delivery of ibaDAQ-C additionally comprises, beside the integrated ibaPDA system, licenses for ibaPDA-Interface-PLC-Xplorer and ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+. This allows you to acquire signals directly from different PLC systems and to exchange data with OPC UA systems.

Full ibaPDA Connectivity

The FO input and output offers the functionality of an ibaFOB-io-card and supports all ibaNet protocols. Here, more iba devices can be connected, like e.g. the ibaPADU family, iba bus monitors, or system connections. Depending on the ibaNet protocol used, the sampling rate via FO is up to 100 kHz.

Connection to Different Networks

ibaDAQ provides two independent 1Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces. ibaDAQ can operate in two networks and thus enable the separation of IT and process networks. This separation allows, for example, data­bases and storage systems to be connected to ibaDAQ, which are located in the IT network.

The ibaDAQ family in comparison

ProcessorIntel Atom 3845 QuadCore 1.91 GHzIntel Atom 3845 QuadCore 1.91 GHz
Main memory4 GB4 GB
Operating ­systemWindows 10 IoT Enterprise  64 bitWindows 10 IoT Enterprise  64 bit
SSD256 GB / 512 GB1128 GB / 512 GB2
Network2x Gbit/s2x Gbit/s
I/O2x DI / 2x DO-
ibaNet3Mbit - 32Mbit Flex-
InterfacesUSB 2.0, USB 3.0, display port, FO, SFP+ (not used)USB 2.0, USB 3.0, display port
MountingBackplane (iba modular system)DIN rail
LicensesibaPDA-V7-64ibaPDA-V7-64, ibaPDA-Interface-PLC-Xplorer, ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+, ibaPDA-Data-Store-MindSphere-16, ibaPDA-Interface-MQTT, ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-16

1 256 GB (SN: < 1000), 512 GB (SN: ≥ 1000)
2 128 GB (SN: < 500), 512 GB (SN: ≥ 500)

Flexible Application

with the iba Modular System

ibaDAQ can be expanded as central unit of the iba modular system with up to 4 I/O modules from the modular system. Central unit and I/O modules are connected via a backplane bus. The system includes several I/O modules for analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as for SSI and encoders. All I/O modules work with sampling rates of up to 40 kHz absolutely time-synchronously. Due to the modular technology and the broad range of I/O modules, the iba modular system can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements.

Measuring Values

directly from Different PLCs

ibaDAQ-C complements the ibaDAQ family with a very compact, handy DIN rail device with 2 Ethernet interfaces and integrated license ibaPDA-Interface-­PLC-Xplorer. Hence, ibaDAQ-C can directly access different PLC systems. The PLC system can be accessed via standard interfaces without additional hardware. It is not necessary to modify the PLC configuration nor to program the PLC. Most of the ­ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer interfaces support a convenient selection of signals based on their symbolic names via address book. The signals can easily be selected by mouse click in the integrated symbol browser. If necessary, the selected signals may flexibly be changed without modifying and interrupting the PLC program.

Additional Ethernet Communication

With the two independent 1Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces, ibaDAQ-C can also operate in two networks and enables the separation of IT and process networks. Additional licenses for communication interfaces are required for the acquisition of data from other Ethernet-based protocols.

Standardized Communication via OPC UA

In addition, ibaDAQ-C includes the license ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+. With this licence, ibaPDA can be operated as an OPC UA server and acquire all signals configured in ibaPDA via an OPC UA client interface. This means that you can exchange data directly with other systems that support OPC UA.

Optimal Use of Data

Free Analysis Included

The generated measuring files can be analyzed using ibaAnalyzer1 which is available free of charge. ibaAnalyzer can run directly on the ibaDAQ devices or can be used on a separate computer.

User-specific Characteristics

Once the evaluation requirements have been defined, the analysis regulation can be saved and reused at any time. It it possible to configure ibaPDA system so that the analysis of the last file starts automatically. Characteristic values, so-called KPIs, can be calculated individually and automatically from the high-resolution data.

Connecting Databases

When the data shall be processed in a database, measuring data can be loaded into a database with ibaAnalyzer-DB2. It is also possible to analyze data from a database with this application. The main database formats are supported, like Microsoft SQL-Server, Oracle, IBM DB2-UDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access.

Direct Writing to Databases/Clouds

Data can also be written time-based directly from ibaPDA to databases/clouds. For this purpose special data stores subject to licensing are available. Currently the SAP HANA database/cloud is supported. Further database types and cloud systems are in preparation.

Integration in SNMP Monitoring

ibaPDA can be integrated in a company-wide network management system according to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). ibaPDA serves as SNMP server and supports the SNMP protocols V1, V2c and V3. Status information which are sent to central management stations are available as SNMP objects and can be selected in an easy way.

Automated Analysis Saves Time

ibaDatCoordinator and ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator provide further support. ibaDatCoordinator is a powerful tool for automated data management. Typical fields of application are the automatic extraction of product-related characteristic values in databases as well as the report creation. Using ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator, reports can automatically be generated in various formats and individual layouts.

Variable Recording Profiles

As known in ibaPDA, various recording profiles can be defined for different applications. Continuous data recording of measurement files in iba format (*.dat) is necessary for long-term analyses or process optimizations, and triggered recordings are useful when errors have to be located. Trigger conditions can be defined time or event related. Multiple recordings with different profiles can also run in parallel.

Generating Alarms

While monitoring the process, it is important, to immediately detect errors or deviations. Already during data acquisition, the signals can be checked for certain conditions, e.g. comparison with limit values, thus generating warnings and alarms. The output signals can be easily created by means of the expression editor and output via TCP/IP. Moreover, a message can be sent via email which may contain both free text and fields that are automatically filled.

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The modern Classic of Data Acquisition

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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10.170001ibaDAQCPU for stand-alone data acquisition
10.170002ibaDAQ-CCompact device for stand-alone data acquisition