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Record and analyze videos and measurement data synchronously

The video recording system ibaCapture records video and HMI images synchronously to measurement data - either continuously or triggered by events. Important events can be automatically stored as still images. The exact relation and simultaneous display of recorded measurement data and visual information with ibaAnalyzer offers a completely new quality of process analysis.

ibaCapture at a Glance

Combining measurement data and video images - ibaCapture

  • Synchronous recording of video images and measurement data with ibaPDA
  • Continuous and event-triggered recording
  • Integration of HMI images and images from ibaVision as virtual cameras
  • Protected storage areas for important sequences
  • Capturing from of up to 64 cameras (analog, IP, GigE or virtual) and online visualization
  • View and analyze video sequences and measurement data with ibaAnalyzer
  • Live image display as replacement for a CCTV system
  • Event-triggered switching of display-layouts (Scenario Player)

Measure, view and understand

See everything
ibaCapture can be used to capture and record video from cameras and HMI systems synchronized to measurement values in ibaPDA.

Time-synchronized Images and data
Images and measurement data can be viewed in a time-synchronized way with accuracy down to individual samples. As a result, causalities that are often not identifiable at first glance can be better understood.

Better Process Monitoring
The use of cameras improves process monitoring wherever operations are difficult to measure or process steps cannot be reliably detected with sensors.

Product Highlights

Synchronous data recording with ibaPDA

ibaCapture Server records video and provides synchronization data over a network connection for use in ibaPDA. Together with acquiring measurement data, ibaPDA continuously receives this synchronization data and stores it into the measurement files. This way a temporal relation between signal values and video data can be ensured.

Video Playback Simultaneously

In ibaAnalyzer, video playback simultaneously moves the marker in the trend graph and the movement of the marker along the graph always shows the matching image. With triggered recordings video sequences can be opened by clicking on the trigger signal.

64 different Cameras

ibaCapture supports analog cameras, IP cameras as well as cameras compatible with GigE Vision ®. One ibaCapture Server allows up to 64 cameras of different types to be connected, which can all be operated simultaneously.

Product Features


Multiple ibaCapture Servers can be installed in a network. It is possible to access an ibaCapture Server from multiple ibaPDA systems, but also multiple ibaCapture Servers can be synchronized to one ibaPDA system.

Continuous and triggered recording

In addition to continuous video recording, process sequences of particular interest can be recorded when triggered by an event.

Easy configuration

The connected cameras are configured with ibaCapture Manager. The suitable video parameters can be adjusted for each camera, such as bit rate, frame rate and resolution.

Live image display and replay

The video images can be viewed live and as a replay with adjustable speed in ibaPDA Client, ibaQPanel or in ibaCapture Manager.


The integrated RTSP server allows video to be streamed from the ibaCapture server to third-party video players.

Scenario Player in ibaQPanel

It is easy to lose track when monitoring multiple displays. With the Scenario Player feature in ibaQPanel it is therefore possible to set up signal based triggers.

Capture and data storage

The compressed video streams from all configured cameras are captured by ibaCapture Server and stored on the hard disk.

Central User Management

User management is now integrated in Active Directory so users and passwords can be administered centrally.

Synchronous data recording with ibaPDA

ibaCapture Server records video and provides synchronization data over a network connection for use in ibaPDA.

Supported cameras

ibaCapture supports analog cameras, IP cameras as well as cameras compatible with GigE Vision ®.

Specific features for GigE Vision cameras

When it comes to capturing very fast movements in high quality, GigE Vision compatible cameras (GigE cameras) offer special possibilities.

High-speed hardware for GigE cameras

For optimal performance in video acquisition, ibaCapture Servers require a dedicated network card for GigE cameras with sufficient bandwidth.

10GigE support

In current versions ibaCapture also supports cameras with GenICam protocol, which provide a 10GigE interface.

Virtual cameras

The screen contents of HMI stations as well as the output streams of ibaVision programs can be recorded as virtual cameras.

Discover relations between operation and process

Visual information of the HMI operator stations, including operating procedures, are recorded synchronously with process data from ibaPDA with the help of virtual cameras.

Extract visual signals from image processing

ibaVision processes image data recorded with ibaCapture and extracts visual signals or processed images with added visual information.

Offline analysis of video images and measured data

Measurement data and video sequences can be viewed and evaluated in ibaAnalyzer.



How to set up an ONVIF camera (01)
In this video you are going to learn how to quickly set up an ONVIF compliant camera in ibaCapture. As a prerequisite, make sure that the camera is switched on and reachable over the network.
How to display live and recorded video (02)
In this video we are going to show you how to show video in ibaCapture Manager Camera View. As a prerequisite, you need to have an ibaCapture Server with at least one camera set up for recording.
How to connect ibaPDA with ibaCapture (03)
In this video we are going to show you how to set up a connection between ibaCapture and ibaPDA in order to synchronize data and video acquisition.

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Seamless integration of industrial image processing

with ibaVision and ibaPDA

Machine vision - ibaVision

ibaVision integrates professional, industrial image processing into the iba system and enables visual monitoring and analysis of processes. Quality checks can be automated during the production and allow for early intervention in the process before major errors occur.

Measuring value acquisition - ibaPDA

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.


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