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PCs & Fibre Optic Infrastructure

With the comprehensive range of the iba infrastructure products, we offer you reliable hightech hardware. With this hardware, you can transmit signals and other measured values without any changes from the control system to the data acquisition system. There you can record the data.

The iba PCs & Fibre Optic Infrastructure Product Range

Industrial computers with state-of-the-art PC technology

For the demanding tasks in the fields of data acquisition and analysis, iba offers powerful industrial computers which meet the highest standards. The computers stand out by the high product quality coupled with state-of-the-art technology. They are designed for a long service life in a rough industrial environment.

Interface cards for fiber optics connections

The cards of the ibaFOB-D family are communication cards for ibaNet fiber optical links. The ibaFOB-D cards can be used for connecting a computer like e.g. iba industrial computers with iba peripherals like e.g. ibaPADU compact measurement modules, ibaLink system couplings and iba bus modules.

Fibre Optic Infrastructure
With the devices from the FO infrastructure product range, the user can concentrate and distribute FO connections with ibaNet protocols of different speed categories (3Mbit up to 32Mbit).
Time synchronization
With the time synchronization module ibaClock, several distributed iba systems can be synchronized precisely. ibaClock provides the timebase for all connected systems and allows for data acquisition synchronically.

Powerful industrial PCs

Powerful industrial PCs - ibaRackline & ibaDeskline

ibaRackline & ibaDeskline

  • Standard system with a hard disk; can be upgraded with up to 7 hard disks
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Long-Term-Servicing-Version
  • Suited for process data acquisition and analysis
  • System test and commissioning of industrial plants

    Enhancement options
  • RAID 1 system with 2 hard disks and redundant power supply unit
  • RAID 6 system with 8 hard disks and redundant power supply unit

Fibre Optic Connections - safe & reliable

Fibre optic connections - ibaFOB


  • PCI express cards for connecting iba field devices and system couplings
  • Fast data transfer between card and computer’s memory by DMA technology (CPU load relieving)
  • Support for all ibaNet communication protocols (2Mbit, 3Mbit, 5Mbit, 32Mbit and 32Mbit Flex)
  • Up to 4060 Byte user data per FO link
  • ibaFOB-io-USB* for connection to USB ports
  • "Plug and Play" installation

Concentrating, distributing and multiplying optical signals

ibaBM-COL-8i-o, ibaBM-DIS-i-8o, ibaBM-FOX-i-3o-D

ibaBM-COL-8i-o, ibaBM-DIS-i-8o, ibaBM-FOX-i-3o-D


  • Data concentrator concentrates 8 ibaNet lines into one line
  • The inputs support 2Mbit and 3Mbit (sampling time 1 ms), the output supports 32 Mbit


  • Distributes one ibaNet line to 8 ibaNet lines
  • Mirroring mode: 1 input is mirrored to 8 + 1 outputs (2Mbit, 3Mbit, 5Mbit and 32Mbit)
  • Distribution mode: Distributes 1 input with 32Mbit to 8 outputs with 3Mbit, in addition the input signal is mirrored to an output


  • Distributes one ibaNet line to 3 ibaNet lines
  • Supports 2Mbit, 3Mbit, 5Mbit and 32Mbit

Time synchronization for distributed systems

Time synchronization for distributed systems - ibaClock


  • High precision time server
  • Time sources: GPS signal or IRIG-B
  • Fiber optic connection to ibaPDA systems via ibaFOB-D cards
  • Synchronization of ibaPDA systems with sample accuracy
  • Can be used as IEEE 1588 time server or as NTP time server in a network
  • Configuration and diagnostics via ibaPDA or web interface
  • Completely maintenance-free

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The modern Classic of Data Acquisition

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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