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Hardware - HWA2020-04

We have released our new product ibaW-750 (iba order no. 15.140020).

Features of this new product:

ibaW-750 is a new central unit for the WAGO I/O system 750, which can be connected to ibaPDA via standard Ethernet using the new ibaNet-E Ethernet-based communication protocol. Configuration of the central unit and all terminals is as easy as with the existing central unit ibaNET-750-BM-D (plug and play) – but instead of fiber optics, an existing standard Ethernet infrastructure can be used.

Advantages of ibaW-750 with ibaNet-E protocol:

Usage of existing Ethernet infrastructure (a dedicated FO cable and an ibaFOB-card are not required)
Higher communication bandwidth compared to FOLonger distances can be served (as max. 2 km with FO)
Maximum cycle time can be up to 1 sec (as max. 1.4 ms with FO)

In ibaPDA the new ibaW-750 will be configured as comfortable as the existing ibaNet750-BM-D (plug and play). Therefore, ibaPDA will have a new interface called ibaNet-E. The central unit ibaW-750 will be automatically detected by ibaPDA, if it is in the same LAN than ibaPDA. All terminals which are supported by ibaNet750-BM-D are also supported by ibaW-750.

The new Ethernet protocol ibaNet-E is an addition to the existing ibaNet FO protocol and not a replacement; the FO protocol will be continued to be used in the future.

Required versions

ibaW-750 with Firmware v01.01.001
ibaPDA v7.1.7

Required licenses

Minimum ibaPDA base version ibaPDA-V7-64 (iba order no. 30.770064)
ibaPDA-Interface-ibaW-750 (iba order no. 31.001008)

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