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ibaDatCoordinator - DAT2019-03

ibaDatCoordinator software release version v2.2.1.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version? 

This is mainly a bugfix only version. Several errors have been removed to enhance the user experience.


New notification option to notify only once per failing task rather than every failing .dat file.

Event stores can be selected as data source for event jobs.

The condition task and script task can now be tested with .hdq files for event and scheduled jobs 

Important bugfixes

ibaHD import task failed if the DAT files contained empty signals.

Event jobs could process the same event occurrences multiple times.

Event jobs would drop unprocessed event occurrences if they were disconnected from the ibaHD server.

.dat file group box vanished after collapsing.

Group boxes in batchfile task did not work properly.

TimeOut parameter for the script task was ignored/not persistent.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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