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ibaPDA - PDA2018-03

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.1.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version?

Main improvements

The interface ibaPDA-Interface-B&R-Xplorer (31.000006) for B&R PLCs was improved significantly. Much faster reading of data is possible now.

The address book generator for S7 PLCs now also supports TIA V15 projects. Online address books retrieved from the PLC as well as offline address books generated from the TIA project are supported for V15.

Important bugfixes

Users of the TwinCAT-Xplorer interface and OPC-UA-Client interface should consider an update due to available bugfixes.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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