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ibaPDA - PDA2019-10

ibaPDA software release version v7.1.0.

Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version?

New available interfaces

The Xplorer-Interface family was extended again: Now data from Bachmann M1 PLCs can be acquired using the new Bachmann-Xplorer interface (ibaPDA-Interface-Bachmann-Xplorer, 31.000034). The configuration is done Xplorer-like in an easy way: Generate an address books of the available signals via online access to the PLC and simply pick the signals you want to record from the address book. 16 connections can be used with this license. The number of connections can be increased by adding one or more one-step-up licenses (max. 240 connections).
This new interface is also included in our entry level product ibaPDA-V7-PLC-Xplorer.

With the new SINUMERIK-Xplorer interface we offer the first connectivity for machine tool controllers (ibaPDA-Interface-SINUMERIK-Xplorer, 31.000033). It supports SINUMERIK 840D sl, SINUMERIK 840D pl and SINUMERIK 828D sl controllers and enables you to acquire data directly from the NCK. 16 connections can be used with this license. The number of connections can be increased by adding one or more one-step-up licenses (max. 240 connections).

The group of interfaces for measurement devices was also extended: Now Micro-Epsilons laser profile sensor series scanCONTROL can be connected to ibaPDA (ibaPDA-Interface-Micro-Epsilon, 31.001016). The interface allows you to connect 2 sensors. The number of connections can be increased by adding one or more one-step-up licenses (max. 16 connections).

For energy applications a new interface for acquiring data from Sampled Values streams according to IEC61850-9-2 is available (ibaPDA-Interface-IEC61850-9-2, 31.001400). The interface allows you to acquire two streams. The number of acquired streams can be increased by adding one or more one-step-up licenses (max. 8 streams).

Main new features and improvements

A new data store type for streaming timebased data directly to an external MQTT broker is available. Continuous and triggered streaming is possible. The required license depends on the number of signals you want to stream (ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT-16/64/256/1024, 30.671000/1/2/3).

The new bus monitor ibaBM-ENetIP for sniffing data in Ethernet/IP networks is supported in this version of ibaPDA.

For our PROFINET bus monitor ibaBM-PN decoder modules (device and sniffer) have been introduced. Those are helpful in case you want to acquire large numbers of digital signals which are organized in WORD signals. 

Data storage profiles of the type ‘Time’ can now have a time base expressed as a multiple of the original time base (relative time base). This allows you to set up a profile that for example always writes every 5th sample of a signal in a dat-file independent of changes done in the module time base.

The trend graph in ibaQPanel can now plot a traversing vector based on an X and Y signal in order to improve the display of traversing measurement units.

A stop prevention feature is available now offering the possibility to protect an ibaPDA system from unwanted interruptions of the recording. You can configure lock signals that prevents the acquisition from being stopped as well as QDR and standard data stores from being reconfigured. The lock can be overruled by the user.

The Kafka data store now supports also Apache Avro encoding.

The JSON split mode in text modules can now parse Boolean values as digital signals.

Digital signals are supported in general in all text modules and split modes.

Several S7-Xplorer improvements are included: Connections are established in parallel for faster start of the acquisition and several optimizations for considerably reducing the memory consumption handling large address books have been done.

Important bugfixes

The data from LSP ASCII modules in the LANDSCAN interface was incorrect for modules created in the io configuration using a ibaPDA version v7.0.x. To fix this the module needs to be recreated using this new version.

Interface LMI-Gocator: Establishing a connection to sensors with older firmware didn’t succeed (bug introduced in v7.0.1).

S7 address book generation: Some specific TIA projects caused an error when creating the address book.

The HD trend graph didn’t scroll when only text signals were displayed.

Analog signals from ibaPADU devices had wrong values when connected to old FOB boards (bug introduced in v7.0.0).

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.


Registered users can download all documentation in our download area.

New manuals
ibaPDA-Interface-SINUMERIK-Xplorer (v1.0, English)

Updated manuals
ibaPDA-Interface-S7-Xplorer (v2.0, German, English)
ibaPDA-Interface-AB-Xplorer (v1.2, German, English)
ibaPDA-Request-S7-UDP (v1.4, German)
ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PN (v3.5, German)

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