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Automatically learn spectral analysis

ibaInSpectra Auto-Adapting module

The auto-adapting module can be used to detect damage to machines, gearboxes and motors as well as quality-related changes in process vibrations already at a very early stage. The self-learning InSpectra module offers optimal protection for systems through automatic monitoring in real time using learned reference values.

Detecting damage at an early stage

The auto-adapting module is able to use a series of spectra to learn what the ideal spectrum should look like. The so-called reference spectrum can be learned for various process states, which, for example, relate to different speeds, materials or load areas, etc.

Since ibaInSpectra is seamlessly integrated into ibaPDA, the full ibaPDA connectivity is available to acquire all possible process signals in a system and to be used to define the states. Comparing with the ideal spectrum and the quantification of the deviation allows the end user to detect changes in process behavior at a particularly early stage before quality issues occur. The auto-adapting module also identifies the areas with the biggest deviations.

ibaInSpectra - Monitorización de condiciones en tiempo real de las vibraciones de procesos

Con ibaInSpectra, se monitoriza de forma continua cualquier vibración y se pueden detectar posibles fuentes de errores en una fase temprana. Como ibaInSpectra está integrada en ibaPDA, no solo se pueden llevar a cabo análisis puros de las vibraciones, sino que también se pueden determinar las posibles relaciones entre los efectos de las vibraciones y el comportamiento del proceso.

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