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Training Germany

Modern Training Rooms with the latest Technology

What is iba-Training?

iba Training is designed specifically for customers looking for a hands-on training experience. By attending these courses, you will dedicate two or three days to understanding how the iba system fits together, learning best practices, and creating assets needed to execute your next project.

No one knows iba - like iba

All iba Training is done by qualified iba technicians and iba engineers.

Small-group Environments

Grow your skill set as you learn from iba experts in a small-group environment. iba Trainings will help you master the iba system in a short period of time.

Learn from iba Experts

Our trainers have years of experience in dealing with the iba system and pass on their knowledge directly.

In our modern training center based in Fuerth or on-site in your company, we offer various trainings and workshops. Experienced users deepen their knowledge about iba products, while new users get a compact introduction to the various areas of application of the iba system with many practical examples and exercises. We deal with your topics in customer-specific workshops. Based on the workshop results, you will be able to do the following steps alone on-site and use the iba products to their full extent.

Modern Training Center

iba Trainings are held in our modern training center in Fuerth. A modern didactic system promotes the principle of "learning by doing". Each participant works at his own workplace and can engage in direct dialogue with the trainer. The learned is directly applied and deepened.

Practice-oriented Training

The participants benefit from the solutions to their tasks and can gain valuable insights for the use of iba products in their own company.

98% of all participants evaluate the overall impression of our trainings with good to very good.

Live Online Training

Compact courses

Basic courses

Graphical programming using ibaLogic

iba Training Center, Fuerth

Advanced courses

Synchronous recording of video and measurement data using ibaCapture

iba Training Center, Fuerth

Monitoring and analysis of vibration data with ibaInSpectra

iba Training Center, Fuerth

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Données personnelles

En choisissant un pays, ma demande sera transmise à la branche nationale d'iba AG responsable des ventes et du support.