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Measuring from the Beginning

ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer offers the full ibaPDA functionality with access to different PLCs. Without additional hardware, this is an inexpensive way of measuring, displaying and recording signals.

ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer at a Glance

Measuring from the beginning - ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer

  • Measuring signals directly from a PLC
  • Including interfaces for various PLCs
  • Can be used without additional hardware and without intervention in the PLC
  • Comfortable selection of operands with a symbol browser
  • Up to 64 signals, including full ibaPDA functionality
  • Signals to be measured may be modified or enhanced without programming or restarting the PLC system
  • Including analysis with ibaAnalyzer
  • Data acquisition and analysis simultaneously or independent

ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer provides Access to the most popular PLCs

Siemens S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT, ABB, Bachmann, Mitsubishi, CODESYS, B&R, Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley and Sigmatek. All interfaces are already included.

SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-400H, S7-1200, S7-1500, LOGO!, ...

AC 800M, AC 800PEC controllers


TwinCAT 2, TwinCAT 3


ABB, ELAU, Schneider Electric, ...

X20-System, ...

Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley
PLC-5, SLC 5/05, ControlLogix


Possible extensions (subject to a fee)

Connection of drives and CNC controllers

Connection of cameras
ibaCapture, Camera licenses on demand

Caractéristiques du produit

Access without additional hardware or programming

The inexpensive software solution ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer provides the complete functionality of ibaPDA and is able to record 64 signals from up to 16 independent PLCs per PLC-Xplorer interface. The PLC system can be accessed via standard interfaces – usually via Ethernet – without additional hardware.

Free operand/symbol selection

The variable list of the PLC can easily be imported in ibaPDA-PLC- Xplorer. All I/O signals and other operands from the PLC programs can be measured.

Variable recording profiles

As known in ibaPDA, various recording profiles can be defined for different applications. Continuous data recording of measurement files in iba format (*.dat) is necessary for long-term analyses or process optimizations, and triggered recordings are useful when errors have to be located. Trigger conditions can be defined time or event related.

Online display

Due to the client server architecture it is possible to online display the timing of all signals on one client.

Free analysis included

Measurement files generated by ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer can be analyzed using the ibaAnalyzer standard tool which is available free of charge.

Automated analysis saves time

Once the evaluation criteria have been defined, analyzing can automatically be done in order to save valuable time. It it possible to configure ibaPDA-PLC- Xplorer so that the analysis of the last file starts automatically.

Reports at the push of a button

Using ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator, reports can automatically be generated in various formats and individual layouts. Individual job reports, shift reports, or product reports for production, quality management, or controlling can be created in different formats virtually at the push of a button.

Connecting data bases

When the data shall be processed in a database, measuring data can be loaded into a database with ibaAnalyzer-DB.

Video surveillance with ibaCapture

When launching the latest version of ibaCapture, it is possible to connect ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer with an ibaCapture Server. Thus, measuring data and video data can be recorded synchronously.



How to get started (01)
In this tutorial you will learn, how to install ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer for first use, set up an interface to a PLC and to configure some signals for data recording.
Interface a SIMATIC S7-1500 and usage of address books (02)
In this tutorial you will learn how you can connect to a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller with ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer and how to use S7 address books.
Interface SIMATIC S7-1500 controller, create S7 address books directly from PLC (03)
In this tutorial you will learn how to interface a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and create S7 address books directly from PLC.

Including Analysis with ibaAnalyzer

Data acquisition and analysis simultaneously or independent

Analysis software - ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer se distingue par ses nombreuses fonctionnalités d’analyse et d’évaluation. L’application offre un fonctionnement intuitif et de nombreuses fonctions complexes. La licence nécessaire pour modifier les fichiers de mesure générés avec le système iba est gratuit.

Demande de prix

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Données personnelles

En choisissant un pays, ma demande sera transmise à la branche nationale d'iba AG responsable des ventes et du support.


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Order no.NameDescription
30.681502ibaPDA-V7-PLC-Xplorer  ibaPDA system for 64 signals, 2 clients, 2 data recordings, standard interfaces plus + S7-Xplorer, AB-Xplorer, ABB-Xplorer, B&R-Xplorer, Codesys-Xplorer, Logix-­Xplorer, MELSEC-Xplorer, Sigmatek-Xplorer, TwinCAT-Xplorer
30.001900Upgrade-ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer-InterfacesUpgrade of an existing license ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer with the latest Xplorer interfaces
30.770009Upgrade-PLC-Xplorer to PDA-V7-64Upgrade to ibaPDA-V7 with 64 signals and PLC-Xplorer interface
31.001042ibaPDA-Interface-PLC-XplorerExtension license for an ibaPDA system with PLC-Xplorer interfaces
31.000030ibaPDA-Interface-SINAMICS-Xplorer 1Xplorer interface for SINAMICS drives
31.000031ibaPDA-Interface-SIMOTION-Xplorer 1Xplorer interface for SIMOTION systems
31.001044ibaPDA-Interface-Drive-Xplorer 1Bundle of SINAMICS and SIMOTION-Xplorer interfaces
61.000200Measurement and data evaluation with the iba system2-day training

1The interfaces are not included in the ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer license, but can be licensed additionally.