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Display of Quality Data - Live and in Color

With ibaQPanel, process and quality data, conditions, events and video images in live mode can be displayed in a technology-related representation. It combines the functionality of an interactive measurement value display with elements from the area of HMI and can be integrated seamlessly in ibaPDA.


ibaQPanel at a glance

Live representation of quality data, measured values, conditions and video sequences

Software Add-on for ibaPDA and ibaHD-Server

Scenario Player for ­video cameras recording with ibaCapture

Time and length related display

Offline trend display from measurement files and HD data stores

Freely configurable visualization objects like e.g. online FFT analysis, 2D-colored display for vector signals, bar charts, e.g. for representation of cross profiles, static and dynamic text and video display



ibaQPanel v1.6  
English | .pdf | 9 MB

Latest software

ibaPDA Language Pack v7.0.3  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 5 MB
ibaPDA Language Pack v7.0.3  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 5 MB
ibaPDA Language Pack v6.39.8  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 5 MB
ibaPDA Software v7.0.3  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 135 MB
ibaPDA Software v6.39.15  
English | German | Russian | Italian | Spanish | French | Polish | Korean | .zip | 130 MB

Product information brochure

English | .pdf | 744 KB

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ibaQPanel is one of many useful add-ons of ibaPDA



As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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Extensions for ibaPDA

The ibaPDA system can be modularly extended by a number of useful add-ons with additional functions



ibaHD-Server empowers users with the ability to perform long-term analytics while rapidly visualizing trends and events from months to milliseconds. Easily archive large time-synchronized data sets, even from multiple ibaPDA systems. Querying events provides immediate access to failure-mode and root-cause discovery.

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Continuous processing lines need length-based quality data for product qualification. The quality data recording system ibaQDR acquires data time-based at different measuring locations and assigns the measurement values precisely to the length position of the product.

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ibaInSpectra - Real-time Condition Monitoring of process vibrations

With ibaInSpectra, vibrations are monitored continuously and possible error sources can be detected in an early stage. As ibaInSpectra is integrated in ibaPDA, not only can pure vibration analyses can be done, but possible relations between vibrational effects and process behavior can also be determined.

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30.670040 ibaQPanel-V7-Add-On Add-On license for ibaPDA for to display process and quality data on an HMI window