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Discontinuation ibaMS8xICP and ibaPADU-8-ICP


The ICP module from the iba modular system for the acquisition of vibration sensors will be discontinued on 31-Mar-2020.

The successor module ibaMS8xIEPE has been available for some time now. In addition to a 24-bit AD converter, it also has an extended range of functions (e.g. cable break detection). Since this successor module has now also been released for the central unit ibaCMU-S, the ibaMS8xICP module is discontinued.
In addition, the ibaPADU-8-ICP module will also be discontinued. Instead of this standalone module, the module ibaMS8xIEPE together with the central unit ibaPADU-S-CM can be used for the acquisition of vibration sensors.
"Last Buy" for both modules is possible until 31-Mar-2020.

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