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Detailed offline analysis of cyclic processes

ibaAnalyzer-Cycle offers the functions of ibaInCycle for monitoring cyclic processes offline. Analysis configurations can first be designed and tested offline within ibaAnalyzer and transferred to ibaPDA for real-time monitoring. It can also be used to verify existing ibaInCycle installations to help tune the online calculations.

ibaAnalyzer-InCycle at a Glance

Detailed offline analysis of cyclic processes - ibaAnalyzer-InCycle

  • Configure ibaInCycle profiles offline based on recorded data
  • Fine-tune the cycle monitoring offline
  • Validate warnings and alarms
  • Detailed analysis of process and machine behavior while taking into account all process parameters
  • Analyze cycles using the expert module

Product Features

From online monitoring to offline analysis

The ibaInCycle plug-in in ibaPDA offers various possibilities for online monitoring of rotating or cyclically recurring processes. With ibaAnalyzer-InCycle a gap is bridged between ibaPDA and ibaAnalyzer and a consistent tool chain from online monitoring to offline detail analysis is offered.

Validation and offline analysis

With ibaAnalyzer-InCycle, the calculations of ibaInCycle can be carried out offline. Characteristic values that triggered an alarm can be validated and the problem can be analyzed offline. By integrating ibaInCycle in ibaAnalyzer, you can easily correlate process values and machine characteristic values to gain an overall picture of the process and machine states.

Configuration tool for ibaInCycle

ibaAnalyzer-InCycle allows you to configure calculation rules offline in form of profiles and test them with recorded data. These profiles can be transferred to ibaInCycle via import and export and used there.

This software is one of many useful add-ons of ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer 具有全面的功能,可进行分析和评估。该应用程序提供直观操作以及复杂的功能。用于打开并编辑 iba 系统生成的测量文件的授权是免费的。


ibaAnalyzer 的扩展

可以通过带有附加功能的大量实用插件模块化扩展 ibaAnalyzer 系统

Offline vibration analysis - ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra

Detailed offline Vibration Analysis

Display geographic positions and movement - ibaAnalyzer-Maps

Display of GPS positions and routes

Integration of basic process data - ibaAnalyzer-DB


Automated generation of reports - ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator





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Order no.NameDescription
33.010.000ibaAnalyzer-V7Offline analysis package for iba measurement files
33.010.001ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB*Offline analysis and data generation for SQL or ODBC databases
33.010.004ibaAnalyzer-V7-DB-Multiuser*Multiuser license for 5 users
33.010.002ibaAnalyzer-V7-File-Extract*Offline data extraction from an original dat file into a new file (new format)
33.010.410ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra*Offline vibration analysis (add-on for ibaAnalyzer)
33.010.445ibaAnalyzer-E-Dat*Offline analysis for external data formats
34.000.100ibaLicenseService-V2if more than one license is used per dongle (free of charge)

* Licensing of products marked with an asterisk (*) can be done by a local dongle; or by ibaLicenseService-V2 if more than one license is used or several users need the licenses.