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ibaDatCoordinator 是一种功能强大的工具,用于自动处理和管理测量文件。典型的应用领域包括自动提取数据库中与产品相关的特征值用于创建报告。与 ibaAnalyzer 配合使用,多个处理过程可以同时全自动执行,让员工摆脱重复性的日常任务。

ibaDatCoordinator 概览

Automatic post processing - ibaDatCoordinator

  • 自动对已通过 ibaPDA、ibaQDR 或 ibaLogic 记录的文件进行后处理
  • 自动生成质量报告和故障报告
  • 用于个性化数据管理的集成工具
  • 自动搜索数据信号属性和标识字符串信息
  • 超过阈值时自动通知
  • 集成状态监控

The different tasks

Copy task
By means of a copy task, you can copy data files on a file server or move them.

Report task
The report task allows you to create reports automatically.

Extract task
An extract task can extract data from a data file towards a database or another data format.

Script task
The script task can be used to run a self-created script.

Condition task
A condition task can be used to control the execution of the following tasks.

Pause task
The pause task allows the delayed execution of an update task.

Update data task
An update data task can add information fields to a measurement file or rename the measurement file using data available in a database.

Splitter task
With the splitter task, a measurement file can be split into several measurement files with shorter time ranges, containing the same signals.

ibaHD import
With the ibaHD import task, measurement files can be imported into an HD store of an ibaHD-Server.

S7 writer
With the S7 writer task it is possible to extract or calculate data from a measurement file and write this data in data blocks (DB) within an S7 PLC.

Update data task
An update data task can add information fields to a measurement file or rename the measurement file using data available in a database.

Offline event task
With the offline event task events can be written to ibaHD-Server event stores and computed values (KPIs) can be stored as numeric or text fields of the events.

Product Features

Generating individual reports

The actual analysis is done by ibaAnalyzer, which is started in the background using the predefined analysis file. ibaDatCoordinator is continuously monitoring a directory where the recording system stores the files.

Cyclic tasks

For recurring tasks, a cycle can be chosen. Within this cycle, the tasks are executed automatically, e.g. the creation of daily reports.

Integrated monitoring of tasks

ibaDatCoordinator monitors the status of each task. Notifications about success or failure of the tasks can be configured to ensure that users are always informed. Furthermore, ibaDatCoordinator is able to monitor the signals in accordance with defined limit values.

User-friendly design

ibaDatCoordinator is characterized by a user-friendly operation. The data files are processed by means of the so-called “jobs”.

This software is one of many useful add-ons of ibaAnalyzer

ibaAnalyzer 具有全面的功能,可进行分析和评估。该应用程序提供直观操作以及复杂的功能。用于打开并编辑 iba 系统生成的测量文件的授权是免费的。


ibaAnalyzer 的扩展

可以通过带有附加功能的大量实用插件模块化扩展 ibaAnalyzer 系统

Automated generation of reports - ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator


Offline vibration analysis - ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra

Detailed offline Vibration Analysis

Integration of basic process data - ibaAnalyzer-DB





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34.010552ibaDatCoordinator-Update Data TaskPlugin for input function, subsequent entries in measurement files
34.010556ibaDatCoordinator S7 WriterPlugin for extracting data from a measurement file and writing it to data blocks (DB) of an S7-SPS