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ibaHD-Server Benchmark

Comparison between ibaHD-Server and time-based database systems

There is a wide variety of database systems on the market with special architectures for different tasks. Some database systems are specialized in storage management and management of time-related data. They are generally characterized by the fact that timestamps are used as primary keys of the data tables.

iba AG has carried out a comparison between ibaHD-Server and the two time-based database systems InfluxDB and TimescaleDB within the scope of an internal project. These two systems are well-known representatives of time series databases. The objective was a transparent comparison of the available features and performance. The results and especially the main differences between the systems are presented in a white paper.

Benchmarks are always subject to certain boundary conditions and are therefore difficult to compare with each other. Especially if the compared systems differ in their ideal application scenario. In order to perform an objective benchmark, these scenarios must be taken into account.

You can download the white paper "ibaHD-Server Benchmark" here.

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